Mercedes G Modell vs Land Rover Defender vs Toyota Land Cruiser – Offroad Vergleich

Mercedes G Modell vs Land Rover Defender vs Toyota Land Cruiser – Offroad Vergleich

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4xOverland says:

I know all these vehicles intimately and off road, on a set obstacle track,
the Toyota and Merc will be well matched. But real, genuine off road in the
jungle they will not cope a single day. Whereas the Defender will go on and
on. Now take the Mercedes G, 461. Then you have a comparison with the
Defender. Then add a Toyota 70-series wagon or PU. Then we would have three
similar vehicles worthy of comparison.

4xOverland says:

One is a luxury SUV – with some off road ability. One is a hybrid luxury
off-road wagon, and one is a thoroughbred overland off-road truck, less
than a quarter the price of the other two. These are three very different
vehicles that are being compared. This is not unlike comparing a Mini, an
Aston Martin and a Toyota Auris. They all have four wheels, can do over
100mph and are fun to drive. No point I think.

Patrick Rich says:

+4xOverland You’re probably here the same way I am….any comparison of
these vehicles actually off road are few and far between. This isn’t a
great test…especially since I don’t speak German…but its something and
thats all I can hope for on the tubes these days. How about it Andrew, a 3
way review on the show?

ExperimentalSpace says:

Landcruiser 200 is more reliable more durable,far more better on road,far
more comfortable,safer, and with ARB difflockers better offroad too.

Esteban Elizondo says:

Defender against Land Cruiser….. Do the match with the Land Cruiser 70
series and then we talk…..
I have had both, live in Costa Rica (real 4×4 country)
I am not a Toyota fan or anything like it…. but the Toyota is a far
better car, long lasting, heavy duty, no depreciation (where the Land River
is worth less than half of the value in 2 years). I have seen this cars
with more than 600000 miles (no engine work) show me a Defender doing

Brian Arnold says:

I’ll take the real off-roader here. Toyota all the way. 


kindly dont compare with land cruiser bcz land cruiser is king for all time
. others can challenge for 2nd place .

Geo Von Lengerke says:

We all know which one is the KING, The land cruiser all the time

Giorgio Geo says:

Gay classe? 

porsarn78 says:

i also have all these very three vehicles, so if you are buying the first
car, go for Toyota. After that, want something unlike others go for Land
Rover. Finally, when you getting bored with the first two, go for G or
Range Rover. 

Sergey Khochay says:

Let the look did not fool you – I had 3 of them and Toyota is the best out
all – no substitution.

block remove says:

in our area

middle east

55 c in city

60 c desert

The vehicle which has proved its existence since 1954 until now

Toyota land cruiser and Nissan patrol

1 lx 570
2 patrol
3 land cruiser

g class only in europe Mountains and clay 30 c 

مازن احمد says:

KING land cruiser

Whaza23 says:

should have used a 70 series cruiser

n001m002 says:

Toyota is the most reliable.

brando espitia says:

Toyota es la mejor camioneta, a comparacion que otras de su tipo.. 

Jamie Brooker says:

Defender all the way

DaGerminator2 says:

I would say “‘MURICA!” but frankly under the
circumstances…..yeah….Jeeps are way better.

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