Maruti Swift vs Tata Bolt vs Hyundai Grand i10 – Comparison Review | MotorBeam

Maruti Swift vs Tata Bolt vs Hyundai Grand i10 – Comparison Review | MotorBeam

Maruti Swift vs Tata Bolt vs Hyundai Grand i10 – Comparison Review | MotorBeam puts the recently launched Tata Bolt against the mos…



MotorBeam says:

@Pavan Kumar T S, how are the Swift and Grand i10 in two different leagues?
Maruti Suzuki also knows the Swift and Grand i10 are rivals, that’s why
they are bringing the YRA premium hatchback to rival the i20.

Vignesh V says:

hahaha. .what a funny. .marutisuzuki has largest service provider in india.
.and Swift is the King of the segment, , that”s why Swift remains no 3 in
topselling cars in india. .no 6 in overall world. .you are telling swift
has the best performance in these three cars. .bt conclusion what you said
Swift look is old and rear seat is cramped. .bull shit. .Swift is only
hatchback in india to modify superbly. .. .rear seat is not as much as
cramped ok. .look at the resale value in three cars Swift has highest
resale value. . Swift look is little bit old bt peoples like that looks
thats why peoples buying Swift. . .grand i10 and tata bolt has no mileage
when compared to Swift. .becoz i own a Swift. . .So i kindly request to
make a sensible review ok

Kamlesh Joshi says:

Great Review… I totally agree with you… There are surely some aspect
rather than drivability, Grand i10 takes away… Thanking you for your
great hardwork.. Can you confirm the average (mileage) of Grand i10

Amogh Thali says:

Glad to see an unbiased review from motor beam. well done team. I booked my
bolt being a sensible hatchback and most practical in terms of space even
though the swift and grand i10 are more established in our market , the
rear bench simply doesnt please me anymore. Yes they might be better on
service and maintainence but tata cars have really changed. Moreover other
two don’t offer any discounts but tata did offer me an excellent deal
making it a more value for money . I guess in terms of pure value for money
, the bolt wins. Swift has merely got costlier with the face lift and grand
i10 doesn’t provide safety unless in the asta option pack. So I believe
where value for money is concerned, it’s really hard to ignore the bolt
which comes at a much cheaper price point in my deal. Thanks 


+MotorBeam I would like to thank you for picking the clear winner. I do not
know why Suzuki is known as one of the largest in India. According to the
automotive host The Maruti Swift finishes and is a turd at 8:23.

Harsh Dhiman says:

Man, I love Punto!!!

Aditya Srinivas says:

+MotorBeam Dude awesome review, but still, apart from 1L bottle holders
(there are 3 that can take 750ml) what else is not practical in the Punto
Evo – 280 Liters of boot – all window one touch down – rear seat space is
greater than swift – rear AC – the strongest car of all four – and mainly
warnings) what more does a owner want?? the car can diagnose itself

Akbar Shaikh says:

Heyy dude… I have a question for you… I am planning to buy The new
Honda City but I am confused between Its Petrol and Diesel Engine..
Although majority of people recommend me petrol as my daily running is less
than 25kms I am still concerned about the Petrol Mileage.. Can you please
suggest me which one to go for? 

fiattrickbox says:

why does the indian version of the fiat punto look better then the one we
have in europe? :c

Aditya M.S says:

A sensible, mature comparison. Congratulations!
A word or two about the build quality of these cars would have been
appreciated though.

Rakesh Kumar says:

I thought he was going for VW POLO. Not with that old school performance

Suraj Sangle says:

Nice review guys….but when I drove Swift and I10…not grand i 10…i
felt hyundai i10 steering was very heavy……i felt swift was better car
among two…can you please tell me which one is best in driving swift or
hyundai grand i 10…as I am planning to purchase one of these 2……

Maheshwaran AJ says:

I’m confused between punto 1.4 petrol vs punto 90hp diesel vs polo
TDI(comforline). All three are priced almost same. I want good performance(
duke 390 has spoilt me) and most the fun to drive. I don’t care about fe
and practicality.

clash ott says:

Swift is the fastest most economical and best handling … And u chose age
of the car and rear seat space over these 

sreenath s says:

Bolt is the best

Madhur Kapoor says:

@vignesh it was the best selling but now nobody buys the swift as compared
to previous time

clash ott says:

+motorbeam if space is the key criteria then a truck is the winner of all
your contests

codenamearun says:

@clash ott, swift is not the fastest nor best handler, now in petrol engine
polo gt tsi is quickest followed by brio under 10lac mark, and in diesel
it’s polo gt tdi closely followed by both i20 and normal polo tdi, and
about handling punto is top,followed by figo,followed by polo then only
swift,and in case of cabin space and ride quality swift is far behind many
hatchbacks now available.

Viraja Vakada says:

Detailed !!

codenamearun says:

For me bolt is the winner, it has best cabin space, best in class features,
driving dynamics comparable to swift, best ride quality in class, most
responsive turbo petrol engine, multi driving mode, cabin quality on par
with grand i10.

codenamearun says:

I think bolt is the best.

Pavan Kumar T S says:

The Swift and the Grand i10 are in two different leagues. Don’t compare

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