Maruti Suzuki A-Star vs Hyundai i10



cminghan says:

In Malaysia hyundai is selling a higher spec than India. it come with
ABS,EBD,SRS and others accs. it’s price tag at RM42’888 but the sell
figures still can’t beat our Malaysia Perodua Myvi which come in 1.3 and
this model follow Toyota Passo. price tag at RM49’700 Hopefully the Sukuzi
A-star will come into Malaysia too

tarek1982 says:

i tried I 10 and it fascinated me

autoelavarasu says:

A star is a true city car and can meet all the requirements of a city car.
Good fuel efficiency and great design.young and successful beginners can
easily identify with this car.Fuel economy is what matters most these days
as the concern for the environment is upmost.You simply fall in love with
this small bundle of energy and vivaciousness. Like every coin’s 2 faces
this car also comes with some limitations but “everything is fair once you
like it”.

harsh kumar says:

A star is the best

Thisath Ranawaka says:

i10 < a-star. Anyway it does have ABS in 2nd grade(Vxi AT) and it is auto.

gcbus says:

i10 rocks – I agree 🙂

Milan Shah says:

the lef-right-left effect on the headphone is very annoying

darkl0rd0s7 says:

with my i10 i had 160km

MrNuwan2007 says:

A star is better…

Haziq Deen says:

eating mutton curry is better to buy this car

César Arce says:

i10 is better , more space, it’s bigger and has a more powerful motor ,
less noise , same fuel economy. No discussion , stetics are subjective.

cobra0402 says:

A-Star is better

adaburleigh says:

very helpful thanks

dafeltre says:

this was tremendously helpful. thanks

AnniyanHell says:

dude its Astar

wtrdogg20 says:

You really know nothing about cars, do you?

Piya Paapi says:

I have a* for the last year,and i am totally contended with that.I dont
know much abt i10 but a*is the better looking one,i think!

rohan roshan says:

cheee i hate a star its shit

realguyy93 says:

hyundai i10 anyday…better interiors,better engine and even better looks

1010me says:

Hey Can any expert suggest which is better i10 D-Lite or era or Magna
Responses with reason will be appreciated

c0c0asauce says:

wow when he shifted it looked like it was just a stick in a box of pudding

George P. Varghese says:

a very good review.. touched all the points really well.

clarkkov says:

Hyundai is a micro van, family car, it should be compared at least with
Swift not Alto, Alto is a small micro hatchback, it’s competition are
Toyota Aigo, Citroen C1, maybe Fiat 500. Not a good comparison, but fine
video. I would always go with the funky Alto with ABS – more money, but you
get what you pay for. My friend had to swap his engine on i10 after
10.000kms, it just blew up. Quality of build, not just the interior is far
better in Suzuki.

etatauri says:

wow didn’t know hyundai was so popular in india. i knew they make good cars
now but didn’t know they make the best car in that segment. impressive!

interpoleet says:


omkar21287 says:

my astar on cng gives me 35 km/kg cng. Believ me. Its far better than i10,
wheres maruti car has maintanance cost, change oil after 10000 km ,
lubricant such coolant, break oil change after 20000, with great k-series
engines. My friend i10 gives him 13 kmpl on petrol. Gud point is this car
only hight, if u r under 6 feet astar is lotery for u

adu866 says:

@standriuss: Completely agree with you about A-star being more reliable and
comfortable…The new automatic A-star introduced by Maruti in hatchback
category is worth test driving…One will surely fall in love with the
comfort it provides in the traffic during office rush hour……..

Juan Thoo says:

i10 RULESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!

elam7batura says:

SuckZuki to WhoaYundai ?.. Nah ,, never mind

Jitendra Kumar says:

As far as mileage is concerned i10 gives only 8-10 kml where as A-Star
15-17 in city. i10 is little bit more spacious than A-Star.

irudayaraj robert says:

Of course, A Star- AT is perfect compact car. apart the brake systems is
excellant. a good car

donisbest1 says:

hundai i10 rocks

Juan Thoo says:

i agree…

bacxification says:

nice review! cheers!

mgkolonjari says:

suzuki is better

Najeeb Puthiyallam says:


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