Living Cars: Toyota Etios Vs Chevrolet Sail

Living Cars: Toyota Etios Vs Chevrolet Sail

As Honda Amaze gets set for its launch the sedan war has a new competitor. Our motorsport consultant Hari Singh joins Shams as we get you the Toyota Etios an…



S Jack Barde says:

Trying to choose between Sail sedan petrol & Etios G petrol. Buying
tomorrow. Any last minute pointers that could influence my decision?
Thanks! Jack

vp vaiphei says:

Please stop comparing etios with sail. sail has steal all the shows.
etios??well i think India needs also has its true meaning on

saurabh chaudhary says:

sail rocks.

Dipanjan Hojai says:

sail is anytime better ..i personally own it .and its awesome soo far

Balaji Kiran says:

U guys better watch autocar India and power drift YouTube channel

suhasendu says:

Worst vdeo…… Stp mkng ds knd f vdos

Manish Manish says:

Sail is a true w..

Joel Masa says:

Etios is far better.i choose etios. lT ALSO LOOKS GOOD!!

Kabriskhalis says:

Sardar jo ooho dijal gadi chalao

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