Landcruiser 200 on Fifth Gear

Landcruiser 200 on Fifth Gear

Landcruiser 200 on Fifth Gear.



Viacheslav Fiodorov says:

I like Cruiser!!!

canbot71 says:

The UN would probably take the 70 series over this (dunno if you can still
get them in the UK)…it’s cheaper, more utilitarian and targets those sort
of buyers, this one, capable as it is, is ultimately designed and priced
with Toorak Tractor crowd in mind.


“Nope” answered his question, and my statement was for him to know we
didn’t get solid axles after the 80 in the U.S. but in Australia and other
countries they have the 105 series which is a 100 series with the solid
axle… Does that answer your question

dunhillsupramk3 says:

notice how only in the US people claim to have this problem with Toyota (no
wonder the rest of the world thinks the US is full of retards but if you
don’t know how floor mats should be installed you are a dumbass)… but
Toyota will do a recall if the cup holders got a problem… GM and Ford
will try to blame it on you… as for the Tundra they did do a recall and
as i remember the Ford Ranger had the same problem but Ford didn’t do a

Matthew Thu says:

This will be my next car

taitai907 says:

@Minnievang No, I do. Or, did. How is it so tough? My parents gave it to my
grandmother!! T_T Oh, and it still runs.


toyota found these issues only in 275 cars on whole USA 275 from 4 million
. Toyota is the highest reliable Company . Every company has problems .but
the best who announce about these problems and solve em

F0ckUtoob says:

lol… Did you have to buy a new one? You know, b/c the brakes wore out?
lol… I can understand why other countries think those high miles aren’t
real. They haven’t seen our highway network. Everything here is a highway.
They don’t know you can cross the country and come back w/o stopping…
Well except for gas… And any car will get those miles. Like putting a car
on a treadmill and it getting those miles is so ridiculous?

Eduardo Cummings says:

“choosing a car to drive trough a mine field” LOL

Dean Wilson says:

I think you need to understand any vehicle can have a problem at one point
or another, we are talking generally here, in other words millions of
Landcruisers in the field that provide better reliability than any other
vehicle, as apposed to isolated cases or incidents.

thomas123newton says:

why is he whereing gloves??

edgewayround says:

Toyota get their entire reputation from unbreakability.

minnie vang says:

hey guys… my hubby’s using my youtube account. He wrote the comment. But
that is true. We do have a camry over that many miles. Why the fuck would
we lie for?

Callum Findlay says:

or land rovers

elysian100 says:

my next car..

smczack1 says:

Dont forget the corollas steering issues too !!!!

Artemiy Pavlov says:

LC is a legend!

lakkieonly says:

@thomas123newton you should listen to the video;) “docters”

bart12121314 says:

yeah, stupid bitch again, a range rover is better because it stays 90% of
time at the repair shop.

88Piggen says:

@Searayist It is a Lc 200 series that has a v8

halldorarni22 says:

@Searayist you are so wrong i have a land cruiser 200. the name just
changes by countries

Dean Wilson says:

Comparing a Landcruiser vs a Volvo XC90 is absurd. The Volvo is an urban
vehicle, youd never see it in outback Australia and for very good reason.
The Landcruiser is king when it comes to reliability and proven dependence,
the bells and whistles don’t come into it.

Samuel Lawford says:

bwhahaha, that was so good! enough said 🙂

1ohtaf1 says:

Toyotas do breakdown, all cars do. But they are very reliable and will last
a long time.

Андрей Сергеев says:

Nice video! and very good car!

iheart4wheeldrive says:

that is quite impressive! well done!

carfreaks10 says:

awesome i think land rover discovery 3 second and mitsubishi pajero D-i-D

Samuel Lawford says:

Hmm I wish I could agree with you but from my brothers experience with
toyota I think they are way overated. He resently bought a landcruiser 200
(about 2 months ago) and 2 weeks ago it just refused to start in the
morning, it was towed to the toyota dealership that day and the technicians
came up with “it’s perfectly fine” it managed to start at the dealership
and my brother drove off, about halfway to our house the engine just cut
out and so did all the electronics. second post is follow up

omar03dammam says:

@jamesjr934 If you don’t need the size of the Land Cruiser and you don’t
care too much about luxury …. Go to the 4Runner. Mechanically there are
almost the same. You can actually go for an FJ Cruiser and save even more

Biggie Smalls says:

dude 70 series crusiers drive circles round defenders when it comes to

Ot Ciolina says:

Best car on the world!

im1greatman says:

Not that I know of.

drtruth37 says:

Great truck. Had a range rover and this is an all around superior SUV

Daniel Paredes says:

toyota es toyota

Carlos Rodriguez says:

Toyota FTW!

maltese85 says:

@verasforzza Haha Toyota what a Joke of the probablu driven to
the north pole because the gas pedal got stuck and the driver could not
stop it. Toyota SUCK ASSSS idiot

James F says:

@superamerica1981 Good on you mate. I own one and you won’t be dissapointed.

tontonpacute says:

Range Rovers are not as dependable as Toyotas. End of discussion.

abdulla Abbadi says:

yeah that’s my baby got 3 of those 2007 gx-r limited 97 vx-r limited 89 vx
limited the best of all lc’s

theboxmike says:


dknight xs says:

the former prime minister was shot in a land cruiser while she had her head
poped up the sun roof waving at the crowd..

cationmoted says:

@cationmoted yes my fault i thought you were suggesting the petrolv8s

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