Land Rover Defender 110 VS Toyota Land Cruiser 76 Wagon

Land Rover Defender 110 VS Toyota Land Cruiser 76 Wagon

This is an attempt at an unbiased review and direct comparison between two vehicles regarded as outstanding overland touring wagons. I have owned both. I hav…



4xOverland says:

Yes. A repeat but much better quality video.

David Watts says:

Is the ‘Prado’ sold in the US as the 4 runner, or is that a different

RecklessAdventure says:

If you can get a nissan patrol to test please get the GU not the y61. The
new one is just a stupid suv

Ewald Stander says:

Very informative, but guys you need to update your camera gear. 4:3 @
max480p? You don’t need a Canon 5d mk3 with L lenses or a Sony A7, but
please dont see this as a attack(even though you chose Toyota above Land
Rover) but positive criticism. Just let your images be as good as the show,
and is is an awesome show. 

Birdphotoman44 says:

The Defender has traction control but no lockers. The Wagon 76 has lockers
but no traction control. The Jeep Wrangler Rubicon has booth lockers and
traction control and even has front axle sway bar disconnect allows for
better articulation off-road and has better turning circle. 

fordifile says:

defender with open diffs keeping up with the twin locked cruiser? slap
front and rear lockers in the defender and watch the cruiser try and keep
up in the tricky stuff

Mint Gecko says:

Awesome! I could never find this in better quality. The most unbiased
review I’ve ever seen on either of these two 4wd’s

STALIN 707 says:

what abut nissan patrol ?
the old one and the new one i think its the best for desert And for
mountains for new model ..
In the Middle East is still the company offers us the old model and 4 doors
and 2 doors too,
And also The new generation
And don’t forget the Nissan Pickup the new patrol, the good thing that no
springs ..
you can see :
فتك حوض +باترول 400
Nissan Patrol Pick-up Test Drive -Madinat Zayed, February 2013

you should have one

and 2 doors :
نيسان باترول بيك أب Nissan Patrol Pick up vtc 4800

4 doors :
صور نيسان باترول سفاري 2014 Nissan Patrol Safari

Flava002 says:

Ive had a V8 76 series cruiser for a year and half now. So here are some
points worth noting when looking at one.
Major Complaints.
1.(V8 model Only) The alternator is mounted extremely low, rite in line
with the front tyre. There is no splash protection of any kind, and so, the
alternator cops all the mud and water coming off the front tyre.

2.(V8 model Only) The starter motor is mounted in between the V of the
cylinders. Over time and use, the dust and water coming through the
inter-cooler opening on the bonnet, blocks up the small drain hole. The
water then pools and rusts out the start motor. Very expensive repair.

3. The wheel track difference of 50mm between the front and rear, can cause
issues in the soft sand. The back wheels are constantly climbing over the
sand buildup from the front tyre’s, creating extra drag. This becomes even
more noticeable in soft mud, the back end constantly moves around as it
slides in and out of the front wheel ruts.

4. The factory lockers have there own breather pipes. These pipes are
hidden away inside the wiring loom that controls the locking actuator. The
length of the pipe is just long enough to get it up to the chassis height.
You do a few deep water crossings, the locking actuator fulls up with water
and rusts. More money for repairs. This may seem small, like its easily
resolved by extending the breather pipe, but most owners of these vehicles
will not be aware of this problem.

This vehicle ( with the V8 ) makes a great caravan tower, but i don’t think
enough time and thought was put into its design for proper off road use. At
$65k, i think Toyota cheaped out by not engineering a larger rear axle to
match the new front axle. Specially with the amount of these vehicles sold
to the major mining companies each year.

If i had my time and my $65 000 to spend again. I would buy a 2006 105
series landcruiser, have the factory 4.2 Turbo straight 6 motor put in and
front + rear Air Lockers.
Much better build quality, reliable motor and only 20 nm of torque less
than the V8.
Sorry for the long post :)

pedro brazoban says:

cual tu prefieres?

David Whittaker says:

The two kings of the 4×4 world. Yes the cruiser’s more reliable and more of
a work-horse (defender owner here!) but the defender has a character that
no other 4×4 can really boast, and its incredibly capable off road as seen
in the video, despite its shortcomings on paper. Take your pick!

John Smith says:

Thank you for an unbiassed and thought provoking review. From a 26 year old
LR90 owner.

Ara J says:

I like both but I’m a bit Land Cruiser fan 

Nicolás Younes says:
VitalichM01 says:

Чё он базарит?

Jeff B says:

That was very nice and fair review 

roger origin says:

the birds in the background are having their own say

south east coarse and carp says:

Defender everyday looks and performance offroad

BushRanger ZeroOne says:

Two very capable machines, I’d have both if the wife would only agree.
As it is I’ll just settle with my 1988 ADF milspec Land Rover 110.

Andrew Hitchcock says:

Excellent video. I am a former owner of a 1968 FJ40 and currently drive a
2011 200 series. I really wish I could wheel in Australia one of these
days. Cheers! 

CYKBC says:


Overland Cruisers says:

An interesting unbiased comparison of a 110 Land Rover compared to a
Troopie with a brief LC history at the end –

Andrew is a self confessed LR fan but drives a Troopie so it is interesting
to hear his view of the pros and cons of each.

Having only ever squeezed in to a 110 for a short trip to a pub, my only
other experience is based on feedback from customers who used to have LRs
and who unanimously complained about the uncomfortable driving position so
it’s interesting to see it compared.

Eduan Naude says:

I thoroughly enjoyed that! Well thought out, very objective, it leaves the
viewer to make up his/her own mind as well. Kudos to the team who put this
together. Still have a soft spot for the 110…

Birdphotoman44 says:

I have a problem on all the forums I read, people say that brand
or model aint reliable etc. Maybe the say I had a Jeep or defender or
Toyota in 1990 and that was bad bla bla but it could always be a lemon and
the never link to some proof o statistic. Even is that they say I had a
brand in 90 and that was bad and the hole brand has to be bad even if they
have no clue how that brand is in 2014, I mean things evolve and have
different enginers and maybe even new owners. I want some scientific proof
or real statistic test that shows the real numbers. As a scientist If You
wright something You have to back it up with some proof a link or other. We
are talking about 4×4 and it is serious and need real facts:) All I hear is
that Toyota is bulletproof and have no problem, and many with out any
knowledge of Toyota pass this to other forums, but as a scientist I need
real statistics to pass this information further. I had a Toyota starlet
meny years ago and it was great but I have really no clue how a Toyota 76
LC is because of that. 

Birdphotoman44 says:

A another thing is that a Defender stock have a small floor at 90cm width
so it aint so good for 2 people to sleep in the vehicle. In the wrangler it
is 110cm and works better for two to sleep . The Landcruiser
is even wider than the Wrangler

Birdphotoman44 says:

I have noticed several times like in 7min in this great video that the
Defender have little bootspace, You hit the toes on a “wall” in front of
the front seats so You can not stretch Your legs under the frontseats that
You can do for instance in the Landcruiser. looks like Andrew hit his feet
on the wall, difficult to see. Exactly 4:58min in this video You can se it Land
Rover Defender 110 XS Station Wagon (2013) Car Review by Perrys 

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