Land Cruiser Review

Land Cruiser Review

Some final words on my 1994 80 series land cruiser. Owned from December 1994 through March 2014.



Lawrence Byrne says:

Agree 100% mate the 80 series is slow, thirsty but nearly bullet proof. A
good sign of a 4×4’s build quality is how many can you find in a wreaking
yard (In Oz sweet fuck all). 

RedSoxBowHunter says:

I have a chance to buy a 94 with 220k miles for 600 bucks…it was a Texas
car and has been in New England past few years…is it worth it? What
should I look for when assessing it tomorrow? Thanks if you can replay …
Informative vid

Don Nguyen-Tan says:

Wow, fantastic summary of the quirks of this vehicle. I’ve owned mine for
a little over a year, and did a lot of reading on the mud forums, and you
got a lot of things covered in this brief video. Well done!

Don Nguyen-Tan says:

Forgot to mention that I used to be a track junkie…350Z at Thunderhill,
Sears Pt (Infineon/Sonoma Raceway), Reno-Fernley, and Laguna Seca. 

marze72 says:

Great vid mate from OZ. I purchased a 97 model 80 Series when I had funds
to buying a 100 series. It not only saved some quid but I am glad I went
with the 80 series 40th anniversary edition. Absolutely luv this rig.

Recklessly Arrogant says:

I wish you would have made more videos with this truck :/ 

Javi d C says:

Thank you for the video. I just bought one and I will look into the things
you said.

98snakeeater says:

The center diff lock you have came standard on all of the US spec 80 series
The optional Front/Rear lockers only came in about 7% of the US spec 80’s
and it appears that your TLC didn’t have them.

Nice video though

Omar Saleh says:

Hey ,1 year ago I buy from us market a lc 80 97 and it was all wheel drive
,and I make it part time and its easy .

Rey Tan says:

I was hoping you would say that you’ve regretted selling your 80 series…

Juan Jose Perez says:

Hi! great video! i just bought a 1997 fj80 with 180k km, what would you
recommend that i start doing to it to extend its lifespan?

Audi Man says:

Land Cruisers are great SUVs. Best for off roading alongside Range Rovers
and Mercedes G Wagon. If you visit Abu Dhabi and Dubai (Like I did this
summer), you can go on a desert safari in which they use Toyata Land
Cruisers (Although they use the new ones).

Will Williams says:

You should do some more reviews on used cars, I would watch them for sure.

koko mazen says:

Thanks man for sharing the tips, its really nice truck

Will Williams says:

Great review, I learned a lot!

fcanha says:

Do you recall what you set the timing to?

Adam Klick says:

Good video, solid review. nice production.

50nollieman says:

What happened to your black track s2000???

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