Killing a Toyota Part 1 – Top Gear – BBC

Killing a Toyota Part 1 – Top Gear – BBC

Jeremy Clarkson puts Toyota’s claim the their Hilux pick-up is virtually indestructible to the ultimate test. Subscribe for more awesome Top Gear videos: htt…



hellcat1988 says:

I just bought one of these that looks like the guys already had some fun
with it, and it’s still a pretty strong running truck. I intend to fix it
up again, but these trucks are amazing!

Fordguy1997 says:

I love the soundtrack in this episode. The contrast between the eerie and
creepy music and the triumphant and happy music is great.

DolleHengst says:

No piece of shit American truck could ever survive such torment!

The Doctor - Timelord says:

whats the song at 5:36 – 5:52

TumTuned says:

There’s a good reason why most car makers have pulled out of the small
pick-up segment… They just couldn’t compete!

Ayumu Shinozaki says:

what year was that hilux hade?

عبود ال عبود says:

I hate Toyota

Daniel Hannah says:

Toyota fans have to watch this best eight minutes ever

canadiancatgreen says:


35CreeperPwner says:

Does insurance cover hitting a tree purposefully?

Yo Moma says:

Built Ford Tough …….. Built *TOYOTA* Tough

Kinjamaimai says:

Best car ad ever. I am getting a Hilux.

GamingMonster says:

Who model it is ??
Toyota Hilux ……..
becose in google search i found newest model but it is just as durable ????

Sean Marcellin says:

wooww imma get one

Jarrod Tkach says:

Can anyone please tell me the song that starts at 3:22

kamikazikaizer says:

My 92 camry got 467k on it with original head gasket. Beat that hilux

exploder237 says:

If you wanna kill a toyota ask my brother he knows how to 

owen chan says:

What’s the music between 0:17 and 0:41 ?

supersami100 says:

nice truck here. if you guys wanna see a toyota pickup do something amazing
look at my channel

Patchuchan says:

Killing one of those old school Toyotas was difficult killing one of the
new ones is fairly easy.

The Blazin Asian says:

What song is in the beginning after Jeremy’s intro?

Marc Glasby says:

Fancy doing that to such a good car – you are very very bad people :)

C.S. Jones says:

Have you ever wondered what happens if you throw a Nokia 3300 at a Toyota

It bounces harmlessly off, leaving both intact, and you pick up your phone,
drive off in your truck, and congratulate yourself on your modest but very
sensible taste in both.

What did you think would happen?

Rambo Lee says:

use this giant ball to destroy nokia3310 man

GamaBoy1999 says:

I bet if you shot the engine with a 12G shotgun it would still work

canadiancatgreen says:


DCPhoenix says:

I want one now.

Scotrail380111 says:

What’s that tune called @ 0:30?

Matt Myers says:

6:28 lol look closely at the headlights when theres the view of them with
the wrecking ball, still water in them XD

Danilo Díaz Tarascó says:

Bring it to Venezuela xD

ColonelRadec246 says:

Easy ways to kill any vehicle. Even this mighty Toyota.

1) Put Diesel fuel in the gas engine.

2) drop a monkey wrench in the serpentine/V belt

3) Remove oil and tranny fluid.

4) Remove differential fluid.

5) stuff thermite in oil and transmission pans.

Hunter Whisler says:

whats the music at3:26???????

Danijel9616 says:

Why? :(

Hamed Abdollahpour says:

A legend car!

ThaGTshockfire says:

for some reason when I get a Audi R8 or a Toyota Supra, im gonna call it a
WAIT, OF COARSE I’M GONNA CALL IT A HER, if it was a him I would feel

luquidsilver says:

That’s an old one.the new ones suck

gramirez00 says:

Hilux, the Chuck Norris of pick ups

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