Kia Sportage vs Hyundai IX35



brask310 says:

Hyundai and Kia are both sister companies. The Sportage and ix35 are also
manufactured in the same plant, they both share the same 4WD system called
Dynamax AWD system made by Magna Power train and also share the same
chassis. It is only the exterior styling and panels that differ them both.
It only boils down to pricing and brand loyalty that would make or break
any car buyer choose from either two. A pretty useless comparison video
with only just pictures and techno music.

Omar Hussein says:

Why are all these Kia Sportage vs Hyundai IX35 videos fucking music videos?

Vincent Osmond says:

What a waste of time.

Kosovaboy B says:

The ix35 is a much better car the kia sucks

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