Kia Sportage Video Review – Kelley Blue Book

Kia Sportage Video Review – Kelley Blue Book

FOR MORE CAR VIDEOS & REVIEWS VISIT: 2008 2009 Kia Sportage. Upon its debut, Kias Sportage compact SUV had Americans who were accus…



TheSmartdude11 says:

@itsTiLER ya so does the lexus es

Eddy King says:

@vanseventy a 98 sportage is not the same as a 2003 one so go get a life !!!

TheCarArchives says:

the 2004-2010 Kia Sportage was assembled in Gwangju, South Korea Žilina,
Slovakia Jiangsu, China Kaliningrad, Russia Parañaque City, Philippines
Quito, Ecuador

Chica D says:

I have an 2009 Kia Sportage in Burgundy and I love it. I would not have
bought anything else. And A good warranty also.

tony13498012 says:

@imbadandimback who cares about the new one it is probroly going to break
the bank to some people they think 40,000 for a fully loaded kia sportage
they think its a bargon no this one is and even is low priced even when
fully loaded

ColumbiaFordKia says:

Check out ColumbiaFordKia, we are the next big automotive review channel!!!
From Sorento to Super-Duty, we have them all!!!

Ahmed Hadri says:

Forget this old timer Kia Sportage, the new one is already out so DON’T buy
this version, your jaw is going to drop to the floor when your going to see

xtremerider2k8 says:

In my opinion…the problem is not the sportage but your knee and your
brain! Have you own a sportage? I don’t think so because your just making
stupid comments about the sportage done to your knee. I suggest, don’t
drive a sportage bacause your knee is too long to hit the dashboard.

Tylmarande14 says:

Hyundai Tucson or Kia Sportage?

Lauren Thompson says:

does it come in automatic instead of manual??

TheSmartdude11 says:

@itsTiLER agreed ahhaha

Navy707 says:

Hey there.One question. How much your Kia Sportage consumes? Mine lasts
like from 160-170 Km from Full to 1/4 Tank. I think its consuming a lot.How
about yours?

Tyler Allen says:

it seriously has a cassette player?

jose9950 says:

im getting a 2009 white lx i cant wait

mascoutdoorsguy says:

What a wimp!!!!!!!!

Tyler Allen says:

@TheSmartdude11 and the lexus es is an old persons car.

Christopher Sheehan says:

ive had tons of issues i won’t lie the only reason i put up with it is
because i live in a city and don’t need a car often and don’t want
something more expensive getting smashed on the streets its held up well
having been hit several times

oceaniatravel says:

my friend bought one, it is a cheap piece of crap! Even my friend sold it
and got a Tucson!!

Sarabi D says:

um Not the ones I have seen? But some could? They have the c.d. player.

Andrew Veale says:

Mazda 3 by FAR.

Zapust says:

@itsTiLER CD + cassette..

Tony Atencio says:

I think the front end is ugly

RJ secordman says:

Funny to hear how it’s pronounced south of the border. It’s sold in Canada
as the Spor-TAHJ.

Navy707 says:

yea man! My father bought it for me and i have 2 months with it and without
a problem.

djkasdjkasdjdjdj says:

@rbu2m totally agree! my 86 galant run for 23 years, and its still running
somewhere by now…

kiggiteee says:

@rbu2m 9 years ago? So its a 2001? Just wondering because my mum and I went
looking for cars and we found a 2001 Kia Sportage that I fell in love with
but upon reading the reviews (which are mostly bad) I’m not sure if I want
it anymore.

99Ellynn says:

Wish you could find a used one more afforadable. They all sell for 16-18k
here and most have higher miles. Otherwise I would have one.

TheCoolfez says:

uhhhhh maybe you should watch where you were going? Maybe I’ll sue the them
too if I ever get my hand caught in the door. They should design automatic
anti hand jamming door senors.

vanseventy says:

yeah! nice car!wrong,just got done working on a 98 and what a turd,i have
been working on cars for over 35yrs and have never seen a more poorly
designed car where they shove the motor in there and make it so hard to
work on.changed 3 belts,unbelieveable,any older american car would have
been a 15 min job,but this kia is rediculous.i would never buy one of
these.we can thank the asians for making cars so hard to work on,no respect
for a mechanic to work on! make the engine compartment bigger kia!

Tylmarande14 says:

u have a sportage is it better than hyundai’s tucson?..

Ashley M says:

i have a 2008 kia sportage and its a kickass car.i bought it brand new and
it has 11000 miles on it and still running strong i love it and would buy
another one in a heartbeat and would tell all my friends about it

Zapust says:

my mother owns one.. I doubt every Sportage has the problem.. But my
mothers water pump broke.. And the whole engine overheated.. its an -07 Kia
and it broke in -09.. basically the whole engine needed a full rebuild..
Everything was changes except for the crankshaft and the pistons.. and the
exhaust… and the airfilter.. Even the airmass sensor had to be replaced..

Navy707 says:

Umm no, Mazda 3 is nice but i preffer the Kia. more reliable,more confort
and economical.Also got more features than the Mazda and i got mine for a
nice price, cheaper than the mazda 3 and my kia is 2009.

tahj677 says:

This vehicle comes with a cassette player? Are you serious?

flykyte143 says:

oh i guess if you put it like that but ive heard this cars quality is
average and so is reliabilty like the explorer

gravelandgrain100 says:

I love my Sportage, it rides solid and I feel safe in it( live in
Minnesota-today will be a good test as we are under a Blizzard warning). I
found it to be more affordable than other SUV’s-and people can always find
something they don’t like in any car.

Sarabi D says:

@99Ellynn I know. You can get a new car for around that price..crazy.

Sarabi D says:

The one I got was cheap, for around 11,900, But was used 07. Crap no. Could
have been the way he is taking care of it or the person before took care of
it. But Kia Sportages are real nice suvs. When I look at prices now they
are more expensive.

Lynxtpm says:

The best engine for this Suv is the diesel one. 150hp and a lot of torque,
even more than the V6. Whats even better is that its fuel economy is better

rbu2m says:

Nice little SUV. As any vehicles, it will last as long as you keep it with
proper maintenance. I got my Sportage 9 year ago and it still running
strong. Do your research and you’ll be surprised the history of KIA

Navy707 says:

Guys can someone help me decide? Mazda 3 2008 or Kia Sportage 2009. i like
the kia for confort but i dont like the look. however mazda is not as
confortable as the kia but has a better look.

garagecrap says:

So which one is better. Sportage or Hiundai Tucson. They seem so similiar.

666EDMON666 says:

i liked better the previous version

booksyn says:

I like this edition and the brand new one, I might conisder purchasing a
2006-2007 model in the future.

doomtomb3 says:

I got this car in red. It’s awesome!

flykyte143 says:

the kia because its more reliable

olivabluceror says:

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mysteryman2580 says:


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