Kia Sportage Video Review —

Kia Sportage Video Review —

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HoschtonBoy says:

You are using the word cheap way too much, It makes me think the whole car
is cheaply made. Perhaps you might use the word inexpensive.

Heathishness says:

Great video!

ToyotaforCorolla says:

Honda CR-V is still best in class. Don’t care how souped up this car looks;
the CR-V and MAYBE the RAV-4 are the only cars that have powertrains PROVEN
to run 300K strong. The rest are crap shoots after 75K with those turbo
engines are dual clutch 6 speeds. I bet 8 years from now these cars will be
going through auction showrooms since their reliability is too shitty for
anyone to buy ouright at a dealership while Honda’s and Toyota’s will still
be selling their’s at dealerships with 100K+

Heimdall01 says:

Can you please tell us why?

Graham Roth says:

id get the mazda id they offered the same engine specs as in this kia

Phillip Harris says:


gary blake says:

i love my sportage

DroverChicago says:

Your reviews are coming along. More review from Erin please.

metrogtiguy says:

My engine failed at 6,500 miles on my 2012 SX AWD. JUNK! It’s been dead for
over a year, and I’m still in lemon law litigation with them, because they
refused to replace the engine. It was properly maintained, and towing a
trailer HALF of it’s rated capacity…

tonydano says:

let’s face it, the only people that buy a KIA are the ones that can’t get
financing for anything else.

MrMike25896 says:

Nice review Erin. I have to tell u tho your beauty is a lil distracting.
Stunning n sweet. Making u laugh seems like a worthwhile goal in life.

05Forenza says:

The irony of that? I couldn’t get financed for a Kia, but I got financed on
a more expensive VW. Total win lol

Andy R says:

Uvo Eservices with nav will be the Sportage later this year.

cowgirlinthesand13 says:

LOL and don’t the financing companies look at what you will spend in
repairs? VW are not known for their quality. (reliability)

cowgirlinthesand13 says:

Crap interiors in toys , honda felt like a civic. not impressed when I test
drove them in 08.

Wasr Fan says:

We own one and still have it since last year and we love it! The styling,
reliability, efficiency and warranty is unbeatable. Its a mineral silver LX.

mfahrertraining says:

Absolutely beautiful

Valdis Pratama says:

I have one (ex clear white)..and i love it!!

Eric Siedlecki says:

Yay, Erin again! She’s awesome…and has such pretty eyes.

05Forenza says:

Yup, the VW has had issues, which I’m sure the Kia would have been
flawless. However, I’d say 99% of the problems were covered under warranty
so far. Not sure how long I’ll keep it after it’s paid off though.

tven99 says:

i owned one, i sold it after 2 months, PLEASE do not buy this. get anything

Javier Echevarria Montoro says:

excelente vehiculo

Damehuri AD says:

Edmunds says:

A lot of compact crossovers tend to not really be all that compact. They
have tons of back seat and cargo space, and in general, are geared towards
mom and dad. The Kia Sportage, though, is a little smaller, a lot more
stylish, and in general, geared toward singles or couples.

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