Kia Sportage review

Kia Sportage review

Kia Sportage What Car? is the UK’s biggest car-buying brand and has been helping Britain’s car buyers make purchasing decisions for over 40 years. Our tests …



Damanhuri Ahamad Dusuki says:

What Car?

stevevv says:

What car your reviews are rubbish

Pambos Zeniou says:

I agree with Policemanandrew that the commentator is full of negaive about
this car.
I have this car and one thing i can say….AMAZING
Nissan Qasqhai cannot be compare with KIA…..KIA is miles ahead them

george gill says:

Recently bought the 2l CRDI AUTO AWD, lovely car i give it thumbs up,its
not perfect but its an amazing car for the price,and my wife loves it to

Mike R says:

Agreed… This review is crap. I test drove a qashqai today and it felt
seriously cheap and underpowered. The sportage feels and looks like a
bloody bentley in comparison.

northstar1950 says:

Oh and another thing the Nissan Kumquat doesn’t not even compare for

MLaak86 says:

The steering is far from vague – it’s precise and powerful. The ride is
smooth. The cabin is well insulated against wind and road noise.

northstar1950 says:

I really don’t think you can compare this to the Nissan thingy, I had a
look in one of them and it was tiny inside and the interior is nothing to
write home about plus it has a minute boot. The Sportage is light years
ahead in space. I canot agree with the comments about lack of torque/
power, on a trailing throttle I get mine to go around a tight corner in
third and it will pull away nicely with no labouring and the light that
advises a gear change did not suggest dropping to second either.

northstar1950 says:

I had a test drive in the 1.7 TD and I did not find the ride or handling
bad, in fact I went on to buy it.

2011kimura says:

Nissan Qasqhai is basically a x-trail after body surgery…its nothing
compare to this

northstar1950 says:

Bull shite, the steering is very positive, and probably a bit to responsive
and te ride is more than acceptable.

gary blake says:

i have this car its great fun to drive

Naresh Gurung says:

She is so wrong…way way better then quasquai.

policemanandrew says:

The commentator is very negative about most things and is frankly talking
bollocks. . This is a great car, and in my opinion destroys the Qasqui
(sp?) and the Kuga. Unless you live in the country there is no reason to
get the AWD. For the two days a year you may need it in the snow, it is not
worth the extra MPG and initial £2.5K.

Dave K says:

The ecodynamics 2wd version is the one to get.

mahmoud ragab says:

kia sportage vs subaru xv help me please

jackd166 says:

The Qashqai has a classy interior? LOL its full of cheap plastic and is so
boring, budget cars have nicer interiors, wouldn’t dream of buying the
current model.

F Ahmad says:

not bad

tarell2004 says:

i have a 2012 sportage and this woman is talking crap- what she is saying
is not what i experiance, the similar land rover is vague- sportage is
sharp and responsive i had a quasquai and she can not be so wrong- the kia
quality is on level of the bmw x1, i think she has taken the review of a
nissan quasquai and just changed the name of the car she is talking about.

gary blake says:

i have this car its great and fun to drive

Jim Vives & Orquesta ROIBE - Benidorm says:

Nice car 🙂

PyroPistol says:

This piece of crap is nothing compared to the Subaru Xv,Qashqai,or Honda’s
most people here are saying its better because they own it 🙂 I dont own
either a qashqai or xv or a honda I have a bmw 3 series yet I tried all of
these cross overs and hands down the winner is either the qashqai or xv
they are equally the same.

MLaak86 says:

Why the presumption you’d buy a manual?

gjfel36 says:

What car? Suffer from badge snobbery I’m afraid…

zungaloca says:

great car

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