Kia Soul hatchback review – CarBuyer

Kia Soul hatchback review – CarBuyer

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Stran I says:

in other words – a sht car lol 

eternalhalloween1 says:

Mat may have been keeping his language civil, and he stayed professional.

But we can see he doesn’t like this car.

Mircea020 says:

After Fiat Multipla i assign to Kia Soul the prize for being the 2nd
ugliest car ever built. (So far none can challenge the ugliness of a Fiat

c3vzn says:

@mustsilm I would say around 38-40

ThatGuyNamedScott. C says:

Engines?, price?

Someone996 says:

can you reviev the new Opel Corsa ?

aYushGrG says:

we desperately need a hyundai veloster review XD

yesin93 says:

Awesome Review as usual BTW

MacGyver920 says:

Lots of Kia’s lately?

Watcher1821 says:

Peter Schreyer, he designed this car and many other cars for audi, kia,
volkswagen. read about him in wiki

Nawaf Alaroj says:

where did you put your bottles? XD



Lee McDonald says:


LeadHammer says:

Finally a review that looks less like an advertisement but more like an
opinion of a real prospective buyer. I like this change of tone. But you
could not help mentioning “distinctive style” and “7-year warranty” at the
end, could you? Is this in your contract?

ashkot says:

Running Man!

Luis Gustavo Magalhaes says:

kia soul review carbuyer i love you

Moneer Abouljoud says:

The Juke is way cooler and faster! I’ve driven both. Only problem with the
Juke is that there is no room on the inside. I’m 6’0 and there’s barely
headroom in the front, and no headroom or legroom in the back

Adi Tatva says:

Looks nice. . .

PaperWeight231 says:

@yesin93 it’s because they just uploaded it. The title will change soon…

Nikhil Kashyap says:

nice review!!

mattmc mc says:

@0HOON0 There is a holder in every door for a bottle of water ….

Someone996 says:

@TheIceMurder yes

mustsilm says:

How old is he? 45?

funnypits says:

You’re not funny, THAT’S why no one thought your joke was good.

EasternBlocCars says:

the 2009-present (Asia) 2010-present (other markets) Kia Soul is assembled
in Gwangju, South Korea Jiangsu, China Oskemen, Kazakhstan

3stanFX says:

it has distinctive and unique appeal.. i dont know if you get that

Suresh Datar says:

@0HOON0 wah wah wahhhh

dennisjonkristensen says:

First i diddn’t watch the video. no i’m not a moron

Wash9102 says:

This car looks like an ugly van

Pedro Teixeira says:

I’d take a Soul over a Juke any day..

Dave K says:

@huh0kay Don’t lose your temper Mr Kia Salesman of the month!!!!!

TheGreekJim says:

@yoneer1 they’re both ugly, but the Juke is uglier…

Kavas says:

It’s like a Asian Mini.

Ted says:

Haha the Soul is designed by Peter Schreyer, one of the most celebrated car
designers ever. And you are?

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