Kia Soul hatchback 2014 – Carbuyer

Kia Soul hatchback 2014 – Carbuyer

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Carbuyer says:

Have you seen our video review of the new #Kia Soul? It’s now live on our
YouTube channel…

pedrof830 says:

Chilly again? Damn British weather, do these reports in the Caribbean,

Leo Phan says:

The only thing bad is the badge.. “KIA”

FiredEmpire says:

Just look at the end of the roof line from the side. Unbearably and
sinfully odd looking.
Also those meaningless fake side vents which obviously mimicked the ones on
high performance luxury vehicles are so pathetic.
KIA seems to be really desperate to have a higher and more desirable brand
image for more profitable pricing on their lineups but they have kept
failing so far.

DirtHoleee says:

The side view of the car is butt ugly.

iPhone3GSCase says:

now we wait for the horny teenager to comment…

ultraszgb says:

wth, it’s 36C in Croatia and you are still wearing jacket in UK? damn

Chrstian mrclep says:

How the hell did i end up here.. Not even out on Youtube yet…

Fizzle2Fizzle says:

The front looks like a BMW

Jack Cooper says:

There’s something about her voice that grinds against my ears. Shame,
because she is a great reviewer.

Frank Fencepost says:

Absolutely beautiful, the looks are fantastic, the body lines are amazing!
The car though, is UGLY!

karupspc1 says:

I love you Rebecca

Alaatin61 says:

Very nice! 

Apotheosi5 says:

This is the ugliest car up to this date, kill it with fire, quick!

FrightfulAccountant says:

Don’t like the color. I guess I would like this one better in black or
silver, but then ofcourse: If you are the person that likes a black or
silver car, you don’t go and buy a Kia Soul.

I would never buy one of these, but I do respect them and the people that
do buy them. It has personality. Astras and Golfs don’t have that much
these days. so yeah, it is nice to have cars like these on the roads. 

daredevil7442 says:


TheGard3nGn0me says:

It looks a lot more ugly in my opinion. 

1seipai says:

Omg it looks like a punch drunk boxer with a broken nose and cauliflower
ears! Truly horrendous! 

John-Simeon Ryan-Palmer says:

Why green?

Loïc Flamey says:

I’m sorry but this car is not a crossover AT ALL

katana spark says:

Hi .. Naomi Watts :)

Ai Gi says:

It’s not a crossover!

someenglishguy says:

The only problem with this car is the name. “Soul.”
I doesn’t have any. It would be like Ferrari calling their new car
“Terrance.” It’s just wrong. 

George Apor says:

that accent…annoying!

Mr.Awesome says:

Still not summer in england? 

imhs81 says:

She can drive a manual and I love everything about her except her big

Rekees R says:

Perfect car ❤

melaleuca says:

KIA: the power to surprise ~ 

stephen10 says:

car buyer has not a budget “clothes ” ( and boots ) lol , for rebecca ?
frankly , for a beautifull lady she deserves smart clothes . MODE OF
PARIS .otherwise i like the budget smile , voice and charm of rebecca .

LancashireLad666 says:

Nice shoebox

Rafael Bellarmini says:

look like the skoda yeti little bit :)

quornash says:

Review the redesigned juke pls. :)

Johnny Mah says:

Keep. It. Away

Raschad Mahmoud says:

How is the Nissan Juke a rival?! They are 2 different categories!

Ho Po says:

Carbuyer, you should have chose another Soul’s version. That one is worst
one… c’mon!

Timmyboy Samus says:

WOW Rebecca!
You did not use a banana for the storage test!

Pete McFlurry says:

Good to see we broadly came to the same conclusion. Did you get a chance to
drive the base spec petrol one? Such a let down. 

Fauzi Abbas says:


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