Kia Sorento Official XLIX Ad with Pierce Brosnan (Extended) | “The Perfect Getaway”

Kia Sorento Official XLIX Ad with Pierce Brosnan (Extended)  | “The Perfect Getaway”

The 2016 Kia Sorento has been completely redesigned. It’s bigger, more refined, and more capable than ever before. With 290 horsepower and all-wheel drive, i…



Kia Motors America says:

Phil saw his shadow, which means there’s still six more weeks to plan your
#PerfectGetaway. Relive our Super Bowl spot again (and again):

Kia Motors America says:

Take a break from all the action and make a getaway. #PerfectGetaway

Kia Motors America says:

This just might be the most epic Pierce Brosnan getaway ever.
#PerfectGetaway #KiaSorento

Kia Motors America says:

Twists and turns don’t stop Pierce Brosnan in the all-new #KiaSorento.

Kia Motors America says:

Sometimes all you need is the #PerfectGetaway. #KiaSorento

nickolastiguan says:

i bet he didn’t keep the car

Kia Motors Russia says:

Пирс Броснан и новый KIA Sorento — главные герои «Идеального побега».
Актёра, привыкшего к опасностям в сюжете на каждом километре пути, ждёт не
рискованное предприятие, а удобное и комфортное путешествие. 

Kia Motors America says:

A getaway unlike any other. #PerfectGetaway #KiaSorento

Lukáš Vaculík says:

There is no mission double o seven :D

Kevin Birtcher says:

I’m still not going to buy a Kia, but this is good.

Kia Motors America says:

Get away from the expected. #PerfectGetaway #KiaSorento

BinkieMcFartnuggets says:

I guess they couldn’t get the real Katy Perry for the ending.

David Šantora says:

Pierce si v nové reklamě na Kiu utahuje sám z vlastního odkazu. Velmi
povedené… :-)

tostoday says:


Itzhak Garbuz says:

חביב ביותר

kiyonexus says:

Lmao… What’s up with Hollywood stars doing cheap car commercials now?! I
guess we really are in tough times now!! And out of all cars, Pierce is
doing Kia?! Hahaha haha hahaha the commercial was funny though

Bianca Black says:

Kia Sorento Official XLIX Ad with Pierce Brosnan (Extended) | “The Perf…:

areasevenpro says:

This makes a lot more sense than that X-Men crossover for the Australian

Daniel Clarke says:

Missed opportunity for better ending (maybe).
Bronson: Can I keep the car?
Agent : Oh, you’ll WANNA keep the car! (Voice-over with Bronson patting
the engine hood of the car, folding his arms and looking very
[As is stand now, it sounds like, “Oh, you can keep the car. No big deal.
It’s just Kia]

Joseon In says:

Funny commercial. Btw, I went to test drive this car and I really liked it.
Good price and all the bells n whistles I wanted. Good job KIA

Antonio Araya says:

HAHAHAHAHA buena manera de reírse del típico comercial de autos

Michael D. Williams III says:

I love Pierce Brosnan. :-)

merickful says:

Now that is an advertisement! If more companies play to the their strengths
and the strengths of the talent they use…they would actually work! To bad
I can’t afford a new car, but I if I could!!

geniemist says:

plot twist…keeps the car, gets taken out by a sniper on the way home

ViDeoDuDe1928 says:

I bet he really does miss the 007 role…i could feel it in his performance
in The November Man.

chao13chao says:

I thoroughly enjoyed that. One of the very very few car commercials that
didn’t make me roll my eyes with their lame attempts to make the audience
laugh. It usually makes me cringe instead. Well done, well done!

daniel kofman says:

I wonder if this is how they actually make commercials…

thinprincess87 says:

Hehe love it

Xxlarubia46xX says:

I love it. Best car commercial in many many years. Pierce Bronson is STILL
HOT. Love him. 

Dan Haddock says:

So funny! I Really enjoyed this one. 

craigjkb says:

My first car that I bought was the Kia Spectra great car loved it until I
had to lended it to my brother. Now i have hand down Jetta he basically
treated it like his bedroom.

Darth JoMor says:

Pierce Brosnan wants to be James Bond again in Kia’s Super Bowl commercial

Just hearing Pierce Brosnan say “missile launcher” in his English accent
makes this commercial worth watching. The minute-long spot, which touts the
Kia Sorento, features Brosnan’s young agent attempting to persuade the man
who once played James Bond to star in a serene, romantic movie. Of course,
the former 007 doesn’t see it that way.

Take a look:

This is the sixth consecutive year that Kia has advertised in the Super
Bowl. Last year’s Matrix-themed commercial, starring Laurence Fishburne,
finished 16th in the Ad Meter.

Motor News says:

Джеймс Бонд в рекламе KIA Sorento: Идеальный побег
Kia Sorento 2016 года полностью переработан. Теперь он еще более изысканный
и с 290-сильным мотором и полным приводом является “Идеальным автомобилем
для погони”. Чтобы продемонстрировать внедорожные возможности автомобиля
Kia пригласила известного актера Пирса Броснана.

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