KIA Sorento 2013 – Review

KIA Sorento 2013 – Review looks at the 2013 Kia Sorento SLi Diesel. The Sorento has been made available in a few different trims including this mid range SLi model as well …



Stephen N says:

You do some nice reviews. Keep ’em coming

حيدر الربيعي says:


CarEnthusias Ber says:

Sorento Turbo Diesel 2.2 anyday! i love it ! i own myself the same.. this
is my perfect car , impressive fuel economy , safety ratings , 7 seat ,
sexy looking , good value for the money and love my Snow White Pearl = )
everywhere i go people keep looking , head turner car this is my perfect
family car.

branded says:

She more sexy than the car

teamcaution10 says:

could they change the host? Its hard to focus on the car

Ali Alali says:

البنت ولا السيارة ؟

Michael Yu says:

Need the turbodiesel in U.S -A-

dosri says:

thanks .. it’s a useful review

Tis SoU says:

Ouiii bien

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