Kia Rio vs Hyundai i20

Kia Rio vs Hyundai i20

Sinds de Kia Rio in zijn nieuwste gedaante er is, slapen ze bij Hyundai onrustig. Maar nu is de vernieuwde i20 beschikbaar. Gaat die de Rio tegengas bieden?



Mauricio Gallegos says:

Río más bonito

gary lyons says:

All my driving is on the flat and light traffic, 40ks round trip/per day.
usually 40-70kms/hr. (No highways here in my town). looks like ill get
560ks on my first tank of petrol. i was hoping for over 600ks. will need to
do a few more fuel ups to see what the average is.

Cosmic Rocket says:

The thing that worries me is fuel consumption. I have discussed it both Kia
and Hyundai agents and the feedback I get is that the Kia Rio 1.4ltr gets
9ltr/100km compared to the Hyundai i20 1.4ltr getting 7ltr/100km. This has
made me lean towards the i20. That’s means you get an extra 100km per tank
in the i20 (340km vs 440km).

gary lyons says:

just brought the rio 1.4 still on first tank of petrol, but trip meter
showing 6.6L/100ks so far.

Caddilac Wong says:

Do you have English subs?

Cosmic Rocket says:

Where are you driving with it most of the time? I usually do 40-80kms/hr
with moderate traffic and uphill/down hill rather steep roads probably 25%
of the time. I am getting 6.6-6.9ltr/100km on the flat and 7.1-7.6ltr/100km
on the hills.

iambigbigdummy says:

Stephan is ok!

AlajandroMonster says:

I considered both as well and I think the RIO wins for me

ExiledExia says:

Stephan is echt een hele saaie presentator.. Verder wel een goede review!

Wa Wi says:

English or German transcript anyone? Would really aprreciate it 🙂

Cosmic Rocket says:

Which car wins? Im toying up between these exact models

kagolko says:

thanks for not adding subs XXX

Cosmic Rocket says:

So I bought the Rio. Getting around 7ltr/100kms. Pretty happy with that.

Cosmic Rocket says:

I got 550km for my first full tank. The guy who sold me the car told me i
should expect 9ltr/100km so i was pretty satisfied despite the fact Kia
advertise much better returns. We do have a lot of steep hills here which
can really increase that figure if you have to drive them every day (which
i dont). He also mentioned that they had been sued for misleading people
about fuel efficiency and had had to retract some of their statistics they
were using in their advertising.

Cosmic Rocket says:

I think if you compare all the cars in its class the Rio is very much
average in consumption of fuel. My girlfriend drives and i20 and I would
say that her consumption is about 10-15% better than mine, but I would
argue it’s worth it for the benefit of driving a much nicer and better
designed car 🙂

strategy says:

Kia en Hyundai spelen onder een hoedje dus echt uitmaken voor welke je
kiest doet het niet.

Honkey says:

why should they? Dutch mag…

hasan alt says:

rio for ever

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