Kia Rio SLS video review

Kia Rio SLS video review

Matt Brogan from takes the zippy SLS version of the Rio for a quick spin.



Fred Jones says:

Nice looking and very handy 3 door hatch, remove the rear seats and install
a tray for the dogs.

Rainer L says:

No issues with road noise. It is to be expected on more coars Roads but
that gets missed to mention. My Mazda 2 was a lot worse. says:

Hi trulynot, thanks for your questions. We’ve passed them on to our
editorial team who will provide a few points of comparison between the Rio
and Jazz. In the meantime, check out our written review of the Kia Rio SLS
– we’ve included a link to the article in the video description. says:

We’re back again, trulynot. When comparing the Jazz and Rio, it really
depends what you intend on using the car for. They are both quite different
in execution, despite being in the same category. The Jazz is a flexible
commuter with average dynamics and mediocre performance, while the Rio is a
true hatchback with sharp dynamics and ample performance. Also, you’ll find
most of the Rio’s road noise is a result of low-profile tyres and it’s not
too bad in terms of wind and other noise.

NS says:

Thanks for that. I didnt receive a reply notification and only just
rediscovered this vid as you didnt direct reply to my initial post.
Otherwise, I would have got back a lot sooner. 😛 Thanks again. Deciding on
this or the Cerato hatch in a runout sale.

NS says:

Please tell more about the road noise ? Is it because of the low profile
tyres ? How does it compare to the Jazz ?

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