KIA Rio Review

KIA Rio Review

I review my current car, the 2001 Kia Rio. I got this car 8 months ago with 96k miles on the clock. I’ll give this one a 10/20. It’s a good starter car IF yo…



adultinfo123 says:

Advertisement before the video sucks. This video is WWWWAAAAYYYYYY too
long, it starts out like crap, the music doesn’t fit the dude talking, you
do too much extra dialog which cant be heard over the crap music that is
louder than your review and is the least important part of the video, the
walk around was like an amusement park ride and the angles of viewing
sucked…this was a waist of my time from some gay acting college kid with
no sense of how to do a youtube video

mcgraw salazar says:

a tonka truck can run better than this car. a toddler could lift the
radiator. its basically dying on me already. im going to upgrade to a
firebird pretty soon, or something that was more solidly built hell id
rather drive a shitty honda(thats how you know this 01 sucks)

Neonspinnazz30 says:

@mrbadx19 Actually, only one of those two fans work, it’s that tiny
radiator fan. It wheezes to life with the A/C and during peak summer
periods, won’t do a darned thing. Supposedly it’s the fans and the relays
themselves that need replacing. As for my windows, someone did do several
faceplants on it, I never cared for cleaning it up in this rather
unforgiving weather. As for the meet, it was worth missing. Trust me, if I
say a smart meet is worth missing then something awesome happened. 😉

ArtifexVirusIV says:

Turn down the volume on the music next time, yeah?

Twuny1vsQ says:

gas saver!! stick shift makes it a fun car to drive.. i dont mind the road
noise, i have 2 12″ subs hooked up in the trunk so i dont hear it..

Neonspinnazz30 says:

@mrbadx19 Oh and usually I review my videos before posting, I rushed this
one out of the door. Definitely should’ve amplified the first clip and
toned down the music in others.

moogledevilboy says:

Nice bedroom. lol As usual, awesome review!

musicman3005 says:

almost got one of those cars last week as a trade in but no luck

MisterPeetBull says:

Not a big fan of Kia’s but good review my man. Thumbs up.

Twuny1vsQ says:

i have a 2001 kia rio, mine is a 5 speed manual tho, so mine gets up there
alot quicker than yours did.. its deffinately a cheap car as you mentioned.
but it is a pretty reliable car, owned this car for over 5 years, besides
regular maitnance the only problem weve had with it has been a Crankshaft
Position Sensor that i just fixed today, got rid of hesitation and check
engine light. The cheapness of the car sure does make it hard to work on
but i got it done. Car does what it was made to do.

mr bad example says:

bro, did you listen to this video before you posted it? did you view it
before posting? someone did 5 dozen face plants on the driver’s side
window, Johann, missed you at last sunday’s meet. get a smart! um, fans
don’t work all the time, they work when coolant gets hot, usually over
190F, good luck in college!

Neonspinnazz30 says:

I’ll have to annotate this once I get on a louder PC… 🙁

ArtifexVirusIV says:

thinking about buying one of these in the next month or so. you’d recommend

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