Kia Rio 5-door Interior Tour Review

Kia Rio 5-door Interior Tour Review

Check out my interior walkthrough of the all new 2013 Kia Rio 5-Door. This model looks compact but actually has a good bit of interior volume along with some…



Jaidan Ferrer Jurado says:

Prendejo no sabes manejar.

BlacklistedUK says:

Got this. Exactly same from inside but right hand drive ofcourse lol

Misha B Riddick says:

I just brought this car yesterday.Same color too lol.So far I’m not sure if
I really like it? Only had it for a day.Loved my 2012 ford fusion though

malek diridigou says:


Boujai12 says:

Can you get it in a stick, with power windows and such?

youngmillionaire42 says:

Not true at all. Like @afterstars said, they’ve come a long way!

Robert Sauve says:

Is this the LX or the LX+? Because on the website it says that the LX
doesn’t have keyless entry, but you have keyless entry.

sgayres says:

I use a Garmin GPS with the “Garmin Friction Mount”. Google it. Works well
on the Rio5 I have it centered in the Rio’s flat dash placed all the way
rearward toward the edge of the dash. Sticky stuff on the bottom – won’t
slide but can be removed by picking it up. My wife has a 2013 Forte5 w/tech
package that comes with built-in GPS and I prefer my dash-placed Garmin.

chicano135 says:

I just bought this car in silver. Cool lol car. Great on gas and good car
to build credit on for later to get a luxury car

bandit666 says:

thanks man for the video, i wanna ask you a question, which one is more
specious in back seats, KIA RIO or HYUNDAI ACCENT ? , i like the Ro more
but doesn’t look too spacious in the back

sgayres says:

Get the UVO pkg with rear camera. Otherwise backing up will be an
adventure. After experiencing a rear camera, I will not buy another car
without it. Worth every penny.

Muscle & Motors says:

Yea the 5-doors look way better than the 4-door to me. It’s a pretty
awesome car and affordable!

Muscle & Motors says:

Pick up a cheap Garmin or something and BOOM problem solved 🙂 Still a
great car!

Septembersrain912 says:

Forte if you have to get a Kia. Just not.. NOT a Rio.

Ionic Covalent says:

It’s been a couple months.. how are you liking it so far? Any trouble with
blind spots?

MrMaxer13 says:

it doesn’t have a GPS!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! :O

afterstars says:

They’ve come a long way from 10 years ago.

Muscle & Motors says:

It’s not my personal car but I did not notice any major issues with blind
spots. The rear glass is a little small but it seems like most times you
can use the side mirrors to see everything else.

Coily Mane says:

My base didnt come with power!!..does this depend on the dealer you
purchase from??

Kenny Pang says:

love the design!

jthompson8029 says:


David Barham says:

DUDE!!! you need gas…

Muscle & Motors says:

Hey Robert, to be honest with you I thought it was just the base LX but
perhaps it was an LX+ because of the keyless entry. I didn’t notice too
many other features that would stand out as being “upgrades” over a base
model but I may have to do some more research to determine that. Thanks for

MrMaxer13 says:

I will buy this car. Its confurtable and i love small cars.

DJSayers92 says:

Great review. Possibly best I’ve found and I’ve watched a tonne. Just a
shame the uk base line models differ so much in terms of what kit you get.
For example no electric folding mirrors in our base model but we do get
phone call controls on the steering wheel that you don’t have. Wonder why
there is some much different

Muscle & Motors says:

LOL you are the fifth person who has said that!

Robert Sauve says:

But on the website it also said that the LX+ has cruise control, so I don’t
understand how this one doesn’t have cruise control.

Muscle & Motors says:

I like the Rio more as well but I think that the Accent is probably a
little more spacious based on my walk arounds.

Septembersrain912 says:

I own a 2004 Kia Rio and it’s caused me a lot of stress. Go test drive a
2012 Kia Rio with more than 10K miles on it. You’ll get a great feel of how
well this car DOESN’T hold up.

pickletronic says:

this one or forte, which one is better? help me please

afterstars says:

Should I get this or the Lexus GS350?

hikari94122 says:

I have a 2012 Kia Rio 5-door w/ premium package and I love it.

TheDick8969 says:


Muscle & Motors says:

Hey man that’s a great plan! Hope you enjoy it for a long time to come.

alexandergoldman says:

very attractive design, both inside and especially outside. Kia has really
come a long way. I would have never considered one even 3 years ago, but
this could be my next car (in SX trim).

3Trailmarker says:

Just took mine home today in Bright Silver..LOVE IT! it’s pretty amazing!

afzal ansari says:

just booked mine today but I don’t have all those controls on my steering
wheels except 2 buttons but still….. interior is freaking awesome just
feels great to have one

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