Kia Pro_cee’d hatchback 2013 review – CarBuyer

Kia Pro_cee’d hatchback 2013 review – CarBuyer

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Ben Garlick says:

Just Went My assistants managers boyfriends car to a fund raising due and
in white and 2 weeks old and its an amazing car and seriously quick forget
the Golf GTi save yourself £9,000 as its really well equipped 

2600asteph says:

korean cars are heavy and use too much fuel and now the price is the same
than the others .

Arey Tang says:

It’s a really handsome car.

biggy D says:

pause at 0:51 and tell me if I’m the only one who thinks that this car is
identical to a Mercedes A-class AMG

Ray november says:

Korea is the new world order!

Henry Cho says:

very good looking & practical KIA. Unfortunately, KIA doesn’t sell this
type in their hometown, S. Korea.

Jim Ross says:

this guy is a twat

Dot Evans says:

I like the power of the beast

vili korciubasas says:

you need to see this car, sin on it, and drive it! It’s totally Awesome! if
you go for a gt, go for a GT Tech! so much more of specs! worth it, and Gt
must be white and only white, just the best looking car out there

CycoWarriorx says:

It would be great if Kia had this car in the US. 

Owen Nason says:

Looks much better than the Hyundai 

1JimmyWong says:

Pro-Ceed to return your clothes back to Topman for a full refund. What were
you thinking?

John R Scorsese says:

Too bad kia and hyundai do not source cars or plans from the tech center in
europe instead of the error prone unit in korea. Better engine choices and
better rear suspensions because europe wants handling and ride quality over
squeezing every last penny of profit out using cheaper designs.

eternalhalloween1 says:

I won’t deny it. I found this little car impressive. 

Slovakianb0y says:

Friend bought the kia pro ceed (not the gt version) ….. Does everything
as good as vw or ford or hyundai as good if not better…… Anyone who
wants quality,reliability and good design should go for this car … If you
not going to race anyone this is amazing car it really is … The badge
means nothing…

pinkkhang says:

pro ceed > veloster.

ProCarTester says:

common carbuyer if u had to take down the old one and re-upload this
version at least make rebecca do it, or at least make matt change his pants

chubbygold says:

Never mind the trousers, wots going on with those shoes!!!!

Nathanael Perez says:

70 MPH??!!! Why isn’t this in the US?

Filip S says:

Kia Pro_Cee’d to buy another car…

woywoy1234 says:

What are you wearing!!!

Stan Baker says:

What’s with all this snack stashing? Is there no cultural analog to
7-eleven in the UK?

BlaugranDeMacedonia says:

I read that in Mat’s voice.

adidasaddict says:

Eewww, FUGLY.

Integer says:

17.000 – 20.000 £. See the Review in the description for more details.

Oliver Langley says:


youngprankster94 says:



Can u do a review on the Nissan patrol

skillbill83 says:

Devil´s Cee`d.

MrKagyal says:


MrMoardin says:

it wount do that. the european scale is very unaccurat. it will do about 30
mpg. thats more realistic.

Dark0blivion says:

I wonder why North America doesn’t get this. Nice model.

ZeroRecoil says:

How much?

benanderson89 says:

The Kia is cheaper with more kit, better build quality, better warranty and
more comfortable to drive when you don’t feel like racing around. The Focus
is faster with better handling. Both get the same fuel economy. So it all
depends on what you want. Personally, I’d have the Kia and use the cash
saved to go on holiday.

Carbuyer says:

We had a few technical issues, so had to take down the old one and
re-upload this version. Sorry!

MCR91NSX says:

Should i buy this or used s2k?

benanderson89 says:

Its pissing me off as well. I was really looking forward to a good review
of the Pro_Cee’d GT from CarBuyer since its sister company AutoExpress
really liked the car and gave it 4/5 stars. Yet here is the Review, a
really half-arsed mash together of the Pro_Cee’d and Pro_Cee’d GT. This is
honestly the worst review of the GT I’ve seen thus far.

Edward Ryu says:

I disappoint why Kia doesn’t sell this in Korea. it looks awesome.

Kh Wong says:

please do a review for Proton Suprima S !!

mustsilm says:

Wait, i already saw this, what happened?

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