Kia Optima vs Volkswagen Passat (english subtitled)

Kia Optima vs Volkswagen Passat (english subtitled)

Kia Optima vs Volkswagen Passat.



Wittiiii says:

VW Passat ! Much better

RasKiddo says:

I’m choosing between passat cc & kia optima 3! Anyone with some serious car
knowledge please advise. Thnx

Ed S. says:

kia has a better design and isn’t that all that matters

Presidentovich says:

“Oooper SVU compca HAchu makumakakakaa”

Nice language. Jesus…

Lucky man says:

vw shit

medbluelife says:

Kia rubbish

ericj305 says:

Press the cc button in the lower right corner of the frame.

eggbirdtherooster says:

yeah right.. lol

gbo2k69 says:

What about standard warranty? Also, I didn’t here anything about fuel
efficiency. The Passat driver said the Passat “looked” more quiet, is it
actually quieter?

pim033 says:

doodzonde van die bijtelling bij die KIA.. had een kanshebber kunnen zijn

wonderwin3000 says:

Of course the Passat is better than Optima

TheKenjoje says:

by the way you speak I see you are either trolling or know nothing about

ashish atif says:

u better stop discussing with everyone here , this makes u look like a
dumbass . hyundai and kia FWD , i dont fucking care about ur comment

TerryFilming says:

From judging your comments, I can tell you’re just some 13 year old kid.
Fact remains– They are unreliable. Since Mercedes Benz merged with Daimler
Chrysler, quality and reliability went down. Audi is just a glorified VW.
BMW… You already know how low they score on reliability tests.

freshklinki93 says:

*the Kia is more reliable 🙂 But you’re right

Rusty350 says:

Where are the sub titles?????

stayyfresh says:

@wonderwin It’s people like you who said the same thing about Samsung back
in the days. Sony and Panasonic makes the best TVs and electronics and
Nokia and Blackberry is gonna lead the cell phone industry forever. Now
Samsung/LG (Koreans) make the best TV with Technology 2years ahead of Sony
and Samsung Galaxy sells most around the globe when Apple introduced
pathetic Iphone5 by stretching it.

HeinekenBiertje says:

doe mij maar de nieuwe ford modeo van 2013 !

han0509 says:

light years are used to measure distance not time smartass

TheKenjoje says:

merc is now worse than ever and bmw is also not good, but not as bad as merc

Fedotdotdot says:

These guys speak for 15 seconds and then the subtitles are just 5 or 6 words

Vyache1972 says:

Passat is shaize!!!!

wonderwin3000 says:

Actually asian cars are not reliable, when I owned Asian cars(like Hyundai
and Infiniti) I had transmission problems and electronic problems. The
truth is European cars are far more reliable and safe. Plus European cars
are so much fun to drive! Driving an Asian car is like driving a piece of
plastic. Like you stupid dumbass, keep being jealous of the superior
European cars. I know it and you know it

Johan Cha says:

Fuckswagon cannot beat Optimus Prime

ashish atif says:

instead of sucking the balls of bmw and mercedes you better accept the fact
that kia and hyundai is getting better and better , in the years to come
its going to beat the german car , its not me who says that ,its the
company itself , you do some research u old fart and am still am young man
of 25 year old with a 9 inch dick !

rockstargamesuae says:

New Passat= Old Kia Magentis Optima= Better , more reliable and better
looking A4

wonderwin3000 says:

Actually it is.

Crafter66 says:

English subtitled scam

Thiago Lima says:

I live in Brazil, the more I can say that design very soon and being
exgerado ages in which the Passat suffered only a redesign where the new VW
prepares to get real volkswagen.DAS AUTO

joep2240 says:

maar…ik moet toegeven, het is allemaam van de VW groep dus allemaal goed
😀 en de superb is ook een goede auto, goedkoper en ruimer dan een passat
of a4. dus een superb is een auto voor iemand die veel luxe wil en niet
heel veel wil betalen 😀

wonderwin3000 says:

Haha I can tell that you’re obviously lying. Otherwise you wouldn’t talk
trash about BMW. Let me tell you that Kia has been one of the most
unreliable cars in their history, and that’s a fact. That’s also why you
don’t see any Kia’s on the road. BMW is breaking records in sales figures,
and so is Mercedes. Like I said before you stupid shit, BMW and Mercedes
are very reliable cars. Only jealous and poor people like yourself talk
trash because you can’t afford these high-end luxury cars.

kelvin chasten says:

I agree …the only thing that’s holding them and Hyundai back is there
emblems. ..and I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if that’s changed by 2016

Mohd Ridzuan Ahmad says:

passat ugly

wonderwin3000 says:

Don’t trust surveys that are paid for by the Japanese, my friend owns a
Lexus (Toyota) and he always has problems with his car. I have owned
several BMW and Mercedes and I have NEVER had any problems. They are the
most reliable cars on the planet, so don’t be jealous of the superior
German cars.

wonderwin3000 says:

Hyundai and Kia break sales records for once in their history, but BMW and
Mercedes break records all the time! And Hyundai and Kia use cheap
materials, hence the cheap cars. And their cars still have a lot of
problems(with transmission, brakes, etc.). And it helps that their cars are
very cheap, so they sell a lot more than true luxury companies. Does that
make sense little kid?? Instead of being an idiot fanboy you should do your
RESEARCH and accept the problems of these companies ashish.

Brian Walter says:

I have been driving passat over 10 years. I started with a B3 now a 3B.
When looking at the new models i cant shake the feeling they look very
cheap and flimsy compared to the outdated passat models that feel a bit
more sturdy

wonderwin3000 says:

You can’t even spell correctly, yet I am the retard? You are obviously not
only jealous, you are also completely stupid. Get a life loser

TheSalva2006 says:



kia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

1973stefant says:

Passat van binnen rustig? of gewoon saai?

MacedonN1 says:


William Doubles says:

What are you talking about? Its not the same engine in the Veloster.
Veloster uses a 1.6 motor, The Optima turbo uses a 2 litre turbo, produces
276hp, 0-60 in 6.1 seconds. Top speed is 248km/h.

Thejapan19 says:


William Doubles says:

How lucky we here in Canada are to get the 276hp turbo version. 138hp is
too little. The base engine here is 195hp. I understand petrol in Europe is
expensive, but I’m sure there are those who would love to drive the turbo
version down the German autobahn.


thank for the subs!!!

han0509 says:

you are wrong!if they are unreliable why is the world full of them?what is
reliable for you? a ford or a chevy?

joep2240 says:

afwerkingskwaliteit………je betaalt bij audi ook voor de veeel betere

codyxxc says:

you clearly dont own any of these cars, my family owns a BMW dealership so
everyone in my family drives a BMW, and guess what, it requires the same
matience and everything, so dont act like your shit dont stink, cause you
can “afford” a luxury car. well congrats, my family can afford hundreds on
them and still dont think there the best. That Kia will last a hell of a
lot longer then any BMW. Audi or VW i know… Think before you type asshole.

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