Kia Optima Turbo 2011 Test Drive & Car Review – RoadflyTV with Emme Hall

Kia Optima Turbo 2011 Test Drive & Car Review – RoadflyTV with Emme Hall

The 2011 Kia Optima is another visually stunning product from the designers at Kia. It’s been totally redesigned for 2011, and is easily one of the most reco…



christopher martinez says:

Love my kia

David Hee says:

eltingville81 says:

Nice looking car but ugly rims

stephen febers says:

oh no dye your hair back to blonde!!!

Hudson's Listowel Kia says:

Emme Hall Test Drives Optima Turbo 2011!

dave dunn says:

Im thinking of trading my loaded toyota venza v6 awd for a a 2011 kia
optima turbo. I worry about resale in the future, and gas mileage as the
venza is awful. I hate the new civic, had a 2008 accord v6 and nothing else
interests me. What should i do

shellby5cima says:

KIA designer is former AUDI designer…

Frickitt says:

i know diesel cars are more expensive im saying diesel is for saving fuel

k gamer says:

YEs you sold me the car thanks

k gamer says:


alexjxcx says:

calm down, ford, toyota and honda are still the big boys on campus- just
cuz kia has one nice sedan isnt anything to get all fanboyish over

gonzzam84 says:

Woa 4 cylinder !!

cormier edgar says:

belle voiture

InvincibleMegaBeast says:

Kia needs a better badge…that “Kia” sign instead of a badge makes the car
looks like a barbie toy. And, they need to be reputable.

palebeachbum says:

I was only teasing. Leave Emme alone. She’s a cool gal and a fun auto

Lyrical00Messiah says:

wait these reviews are in the dmv?

Nordmann61 says:

Diesels are not less expensive to buy than petrol engines, always more
expensive, the modern diesels has torbo chargers and are very refined, and
offer torque and are not noisier than petrol engines, you have mostly
petrol engines over there, so you have not seen the modern diesels for
passenger cars, I think. Start in even very low freezing temperatures, here
here in Europe we use so called winter-diesel, who stay fluid down to -40C,
asolutely no problem starting in the winter. Cheers.

dkeberhard says:

…lean, mean, fine looking … woman.

JayzBeerz says:

I’ve seen many 2014 Optima’s and they are pretty nice looking.

HateAsshole1 says:

fuck you

mohd hanaf says:

i bet this car dont have iphone@ipod dock,but have samsung@LG dock..

Interested Viewer says:

Emme Hall, Marry Me? No, Ok I’ll just watch all your videos, and admire
your awesomeness.

palebeachbum says:

Sounds like someone is speaking from experience.

PMeursault says:

actually not at all


i cant wait to get this car black on black or black on chrome and hell yea
fuck this stupid bitch ahahah

Reasure says:


Jesse Luna says:

i really like this car and the review some was just about car theft im like
ok review or lesson on how to lock you doors. but regardless ive got my
heart set out for this car and im aiming to get it!

mAJORDEE says:

wtf is “Hunday?

karim mouton says:

Im buying mine in May 🙂

pontiacGXPfan says:

This car NEEDS a V6 in the worst way. If it wants to truly differ from its
Hyundai sibling it needs to dump that noisy, wheezing boat anchor of a
turbo inline-4 and grab the Genesis Coupe’s 3.8 liter V6. Especially since
it looks this good.

Clint N says:

That tail light is flickering.

Robert Edmondson says:

If you dont like the KIA badges ! then take them off

brianrosemusician says:

A V6 version with turbo as well, that is.

FiredEmpire says:

I don’t like the former BMW designer so I don’t like this car too

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