Kia Forte Koup Vs Honda Civic Si hatch.m4v

Kia Forte Koup Vs Honda Civic Si hatch.m4v

The honda civic hatch had a bit of a problem in the first race…The 2010 Kia forte Koup is the 3rd turbo Kia Forte in the United States!!! is still a pr…



RogueSpartan7 says:

too bad the civic looks gay as fuck

sergio norri says:

My is a 2015 forte 5 SX TURBO

” RIP civic”

valentina mpd says:

koup is still gorgeous. They ruined the new 2014 model! 

Kyle Norton says:

Guess I need to post a video of my 06 Si vs my buddies Forte. Granted it’s
NOT a turbo, nor is it a Koup, but he hasn’t beat me yet. He has an intake
and exhaust and it’s lowered. Mine is stock except for an SRI. Last “race”
we had, I pulled 4 lengths on him before letting off. Will hopefully have a
video by tomorrow.

Sirradal says:

Never did get those song names.

0xEm2 says:

Haha just take the lost kia fans lol!

ToyotaCelicaDude1 says:

I beat a civic in my stock forte… Really doesn’t surprise me. Civics are
all bark and no bite.

wezzterman says:

Daily driver KIA with a turbo VS a built/tuned street race ready gutted
hatch…. There was no surprise here.

Steven Gomez says:

The Civic is lighter and looks gutted, so ya I would assume it would win..

Field Marshal Amd says:

Hahaha Vtec still Rulezzzzzzzz

adam messore says:

What year is this forte ? 

Andrew Walter says:

ok but look at lexus and mercedes, they too are adding the audi style

mars3ooo says:

I’d spank both those cars in my cobalt ss

CarEnthusias Ber says:

KIA K7 Cadenza 3 5 liter twin burbo accelerating to top speed

Irvin Gomez says:

Yeah, so i guess winning the continental tire sports car series in its
second year doesn’t mean anything, nor does smacking the honda the year
after that either..-_-

Arthur Wall says:

Screw these unattractive fwd POSs race real cars

MrPocket1989 says:


acebubu01 says:

I think its unfair to compare these makes, honda has been in the states at
least a decade longer than kia and toyota even more. Both kia and hyundai
have made incredible strides in the last few years and I think it might
have a little something to do with GEMA (global engine manufacturing
alliance). I noticed that both mitsubishi and select chrysler models bumped
up their own warranties to 10 year/100k miles plus.. Coincidence?..
Wikipedia this

SuperCracksmoke says:

@kjrwhs2003 instead of blaming the civic owner for swapping his motor and
turboing it, you should tell kia owners to do the same, genisis v6 motor in
a forte maybe?

Victor Sese says:

@MediPistol88 Actually, only this civic is ugly

IVTEC42.0 says:

You must have some sort of mental defect? I am so sorry

Jack Cayman says:

Lmao so youre saying you turned down a Mercedes for a Kia? thats funny. Im
not saying cars that are more expensive are better but they are more
expensive for a reason. Kia will never have a fan base like honda has
because honda has been making reliable cars for a long time. Imo Honda is a
better company. I also feel that kia copies a lot of their body styling
from honda. Look at kia 5 years ago their cars were so ghetto looking. but
hey why not copy one of the best?

b1gbudda says:

worldwide choppers and my kia is automatic thumbs up

Sirradal says:

Song names?

MrWolf2212 says:

I agree and disagree with you. It’s easy to buy GTI get stage 2 and have
somewhere around 300HP, but there are plenty of them on the street. Now
cars like Forte how many of them do you see turbocharged or supercharged?
Probably none and that’s what make’s them unique.

w00t692 says:

That kia forte koup model is identically styled to the 8th gen civic.

jmb836 says:

im sorry but fwd cars are not drift cars all ur doing is scooting around
the corners. leave the drifting to the rwd or awd cars

davis12234 says:

Yup two slow cars alright haha lol but I’d choose the Kia to crash in more
reliable to me haha

IcedCoffee81 says:

Well, the Civic Si literally has more horsepower, and as a result, it is
more expensive than the Forte Koup. You’re talking an additional
$2000/$3000 more. So of course paying that EXTRA price SHOULD help you win
the race!


What’s really funny is you talk shit to me but then you block me like a
bitch? Dumbass did you not think I can still respond to your messages here?
Your fob ass filipino brain is too small.

nitrous jay says:

wow, pair of 14 sec cars….12 sec lol, joke. you guys wouldnt know a 12
sec if it….oh wait, yeah you would, because theyre too busy getting
sideways ripping by you…lmao

Razeiken says:

Doubt it.

AMGJOE says:

@OHYESIDIDFOO oh and for.someone who talks alot, I dont see any videos from
you especially of the 2 cars that are faster. This is how I look at this.
If your hatin along with other haters then obviously im doin somethin right
and your jealous. The day you and your hater stap hatin then I meed to
question myself and what im doin wrong so I can get you to hate more lol 🙂

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