Kia forte koup turbo walk around

Kia forte koup turbo walk around

2010 Kia forte koup sx with a Turbonetics T3 turbo pushing 300fwhp @ 10 psi. Kit made by and tuned by BTRcc. Nefd design body kit, Megan racing coilovers, tenzo type_m rims, TWM…



KOUPSX10 says:

Ohhhh sexy!!

Christopher White says:

Wow thats nice!!! 

ViralHero says:

Cleanest forte ive seen

Subaru Racer says:

That car looks awesome! Ignore the ricer comments.

David Jimenez says:

Whered u get ur halos

Kris Perez says:


Jack Krzeminski says:

Nice car dude. My forte koup will look like this one day.

John Jones says:

Can I have your car? :)

Sirradal says:

where did you get the groundfx? and spoiler?

Anil Lutchman says:

how did u do the headlights? where to get it?

KillerOrca258 says:

@KOUPSX10 I’m getting my Kia Koup next week (same model and colour as yours
yeah), and I have found the body kits I like but all of them come primed
not painted, so I was wondering how much did you pay to get your spoiler
and body kit painted the same as your car colour? If you did it yourself,
do you know how much it would cost normally to get a pro to do them?

holdenjohnson3 says:

Where did you get your rims?!?!

KillerOrca258 says:

Amazing body kit dude!!

palau444 says:

nice car but its still a piece of shit.

Roman Perez says:

my 04 tiburon looks exaclty like your car, beautiful car, kdm ftw

Jadniel Ferrer says:

How much did it cost full tune up ??

trey burke says:

i want this kit for my car how much was it

Joseph Williams says:

how’s the pick up 0-100km/h and the top speed? Btw love your car… <3

KOUPSX10 says:


KOUPSX10 says:

Koreanautoimports, eBay, btrcc, sfracing, all .com. Headlights were custom
made. Guy will make you a set for a few hundred.

KOUPSX10 says:

What about it? It won’t have a turbo. This car is just like a civic, will
never have a factory turbo. If it does, it’ll be a smaller engine and only
putting out 200hp tops. Which means 160whp, I’d still rather go aftermarket
and get 300whp 😉

Kevin Jimenez says:

ex or sx?

miller restan says:

Sweet car man.. Thinking on getting a 2013 Kia Forte Koupe Sx. Is it
possible to ask the dealer if i can get the car with the turbokit already
installed or do i have to do that separately? And another question.. Where
did you get the body kit from?

Ali HH says:

beast. right there .

KOUPSX10 says:

Spoiler ad emblems off eBay. Halos are custom made

garn xxcx says:

18″ rims rite??

A State Of Bikes says:

Amazing car dude!

Shamair Johnson says:

Thinking about gettin a forte now .fucks with it

Terrica Denton says:

How much was the body kit

Neil GoodKnight says:

i want to see the WHOLE BODY UR TOO CLOSE!!!

KOUPSX10 says:

There’s a kid in pr pulling 260+whp on all motor. He had some internals
done. If you guys are on Facebook, I run a page, KDM NATION KOUPS. Join up!

Nathan Bernier says:

where did you go to get the custom box for subs? or did you just make it?

KOUPSX10 says:

koreanautoimports . com

KOUPSX10 says:

Thanks man. Have to get the turbo from an aftermarket company, they don’t
come stock!

KOUPSX10 says:

custom made. drafted the broken K emblem, the blew it up, printed it out,
then used it as a template. really easy actualy. RW customs did it for me.

Terrica Denton says:

I keep trying to call them they don’t answer or reply to emails

Carlos Rosario says:

wow dude such a beautiful car.. i own the same one color and all and its
nice to see one with such amazing work.. great job bro 🙂 all stock body
kits right ?

superfilipino says:

Hey you know anyone in New York that does ecu reflash

Will Huber says:

where did you get the spoiler from i have a 2013 forte coup and really want
that spoiler

Joshua Shackett says:

Hey man. I was wondering where you get your parts from. I’m looking to
invest some money in some parts for my forte and can’t find anything that
looks as good as yours. I’m interested in a body kit, the headlights you
have and other things. Any good websites? Thanks dude. Car looks sick.

MrBeto2020 says:

Gorgeous car dude

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