Kia forte koup sx 2011.fully loaded remix

Kia forte koup sx 2011.fully loaded remix

Kia forte koup sx 2011.fully loaded remix, this is my brand new red sx koupe. 2011.. please comment below and let me know what you think. 🙂 check this out h…



Jason Hurd says:

tri like 173hp 

nexxic93 says:

plasti dip those wheels man

210peanutswaye says:


Travis Sherwood says:

Not to burst your bubble, but why would a stock Koup have 220 HP , and the
whole nos thing, a big waste especially for an automatic. Do your research
before you put a video up 

Jason Hurd says:

the turbo koup puts out 200 hp 

Dhruvil shah says:

well i fuck your mom the other night.

Dhruvil shah says:

@xlSpeakalx fast five main songs

Dhruvil shah says:

@skaterocker44 22k 😀

Dhruvil shah says:

@awdvox1 it has paddle shifter tho !!!!!!!!!!! so it sport matic there is
nohting lame :!

gman9020 says:

nice whip bro just got the same exact one just in black 3 days ago…
automatic as well and with sport matic theyre even quicker… you have any
mods planned?

kkk666ize says:

This or the optima is gonna be my first car:)

Cole Jalivay says:

I want those rims! Anybody know where I can find em?

Alex Cohan says:

what is the total price you had to pay to do everything? including the
price of the car?

YZ450FORD says:

your hp and torque numbers are wrong fyi

Humbert Melendez says:

nice car, one on my fav!

Dhruvil shah says:

@heziony ok

Dhruvil shah says:

@skaterocker44 if you have money go for camaro but if you just want to
chill and pay less for both insurance and price go with kia forte koup sx
fully loaded . you will have something different than everyone else and
better warrenty 10 years . there are more function than camaro but less hp
. if you are not raceing everyday go for kia . again its been few months
and car is steel like new one and i love it. if you r really confused
emaill me i will explaing you better sorry for poor english

gman9020 says:

nos before turbo? and you should do a cai along with that exhaust to help
with over all airflow

wrestlingandrunning1 says:

Funny story my parents are gay so you fucked Harold last night

heziony says:

Wheel 17inch. No 18.

mhavrilla88 says:

what rims are those, they look great!

Dhruvil shah says:

@mhavrilla88 those are factory but i like the other ones lol i am only 16 i
think thats the reason i like those raceing rims

evgenisib7 says:

Lol and these are not 18inch rims like you claim at 1:31. The damn tire
says right on it lol. And I also know cuz I got same damn rims.

wrestlingandrunning says:

looks gay like you

Alex Cohan says:

what should I get as a first car, a regular kia forte koup sx or a camaro

Leland Tucker says:

@dhruvilshah30 by who

Dhruvil shah says:

@gman9020 all i had is a sticker lol i am panning for exaust and nos system
but dont know they can handle it or not

Dhruvil shah says:

@gman9020 yup i know but cost a lot bro.

evgenisib7 says:

So how did you give it another 50HP? SX is only 173HP.

schoolyardxgamerz says:

Stock as fuck

Leland Tucker says:

Song name

awdvox1 says:

clean till i saw it was automatic lame!

Reasure says:

nice. looks nice in 2 tone red and black

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