Kia Forte Koup Review

Kia Forte Koup Review

This Kia Forte Koup offers responsive steering and impressive braking. Ride and noise aren’t high points, but are better than some rivals. Find out more abou…



Mandosblog says:

I’m 6’2 and I fit fine in the back seat. Your review seems kind of bias.
After test driving the civic coup, forte koup and scion t.c., the Forte had
the most responsive steering, best visibility and quietest ride. The only
complaint I really agree with is the bumpy ride.

mean98neon says:

This review is terrible, this guy sucks

jason parrish says:

I still wouldn’t buy a Kia if you cut my arms off and beat me with them.

VanillaGorilla says:

Consumer Reports needs Tanner Foust. Thumbs up if you agree!

Vallecrash says:

KIA could have done a lot better. The engine is rubbish (seriously, I can’t
imagine that somebody would still buy a 2.4 liter naturally aspirated
engine into a sporty coupe while not having a decent amount of power and
torque), and it looks like the clutch and gearbox aren’t great either. This
car is literally begging for a 2.0 Turbo with something north of 200 hp.

mitchellongwei says:

I’d take a C63 AMG coupe

Nac Mac Feegle says:

@davewhodavedunn you work for kia dont you?

sonicthehedgehogca says:

Its meant to be a practical. Its not an all out sports car. The engine has
a throaty growl. What a tool. They stalled it? Nice. Try learing before
driving a manual. I test drove a manual hauled ass and didnt stall it wasnt
even close.

pedalsnkeys1313 says:

The new Forte Koup has great looks!

saschavonb says:

@davewhodavedunn what are you doing with an acura if you are “car people”?

jay czyzyk says:

nice engine rough suspension long travel clutch

Jose Hernandez-C says:

how much is that spoiler add on and mood glow speakers.

azrayyan07 says:

Competitions my ass

Laura Blakley says:

I just bought a 2013 forte koup about 2 months ago. Its fun to drive and
looks really nice inside and out. There is one major problem i have with it
though. The gas millage is very poor. It’s suppose to get 29 city and 34
highway. I do mostly highway driving and am only getting 28 right now.
Supposedly it has a “break in period” between 5 and 10000 miles that it has
to reach but time will tell I guess. If I had known about the gas millage
problem before I would not have purchased this car.

Adam ZarZar says:

@Derrick021594 I think you’ve got it backwards there buddy. The Civic Si
has like no torque. It has 197 hp but the torque is somewhere low in the
130s, which is why I don’t like it. You HAVE to rev it high to get power
out of it. My base sentra almost has the same torque as the civic. The
Forte definitely beats the Civic in torque

James Kovac says:

@davewhodavedunn You do relize that an acura is just a fancy honda right?

UNCfanatic50 says:

i couldnt agree with you 17 and i went car shopping today and i
test drove the forte sx and i loved it, its now in my driveway:)

tigerbalm says:

THe corsa blue is amazing!

accordguy0325 says:

@davewhodavedunn Honda just swept the 2011 JD POWER initial quality award
in 7 vehicle segments and was the number 2 brand- behind Lexus overall,
with Acura being in third place. Try that with a Kia – well below the
industry average.

techdude6693 says:

@mitchellongwei seriously? No shit.. the two don’t even compare

Jose Hernandez-C says:

ohh>.> I wanna see the newer forte koup coming up this or next year.

dave dunn says:

I drive a 2006 Acura TL, I test drove this for my fiance. She and I loved
it. We are both car people and drive hard. This car handles well, is very
peppy, comfortable and great interior. It really puts honda civic and
toyota corolla to shame, as they use really poor materials, give you no
features and just don’t feel as solid. I have always been a honda guy but
this made me change my mind…check it out, you won’t be disapointed!

KirkGaming says:

Say thanks to your parents!

Mazin Mohammad says:

i like the speakers with the lights 😀

MAx says:

This car looks like it could be in Transformers movies lol

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