Kia Forte Koup 2.4L Muffler Delete



Aaron Dee says:

I’ve been hearing that you need to reset the ecu after a muffler delete? Is
this true? Do you just disconnect the battery? And when you went to have
your muffler delete, did they provide the pipe to replace the muffler or
did U have to get it on your own? Sorry for all the questions I have an SX
as well I want to have a delete

Kia Forte Koup says:

i might think about this. it sounds like a porsh. that probably because kia
shares parts with them. but anyways thats cool.

Walshys Weenis says:

Sounds like a mustang haha nice

korey stewart says:

So you kept the resonator and just took off the mufflers? Or both?

Jackson Parker says:

How much does it cost for what you did?

Marty DeLeon says:

damn. for a kia that thing has a MEAN growl! Me Likey!!

FutureAlchemist says:


ThePandaSmuggler says:

One of the BEST exhaust videos I’ve ever seen! You’ve covered everything,
well done sir!

brian baranauskas says:

What did you replace it with? Just pipe? Or a glass pack or something?

Esco6698 says:

Sounds good needs to be dual

ckkbleev says:

I replaced it with a stock sized piping.

Ali HH says:

Hey man as in good exhaust tone ( i like it loud ) ,do i delete resonator
or muffler , or both ?

brian baranauskas says:

Also, does it take away any performance? I want to do this, but not if it
makes my car into a loud pussy. Haha

ckkbleev says:

The muffler delete actually hurt performance. It affected low end torque

ckkbleev says:

It takes away a bit of back pressure that the car needs for low end torque
BUT you gain up high. So it just depends on how you drive.

ckkbleev says:

Yeah, I just had the exhaust shop weld some pipe in the muffler’s place.
It’s pretty loud but it really depends on the officer.

Brian K says:

sounds great

Trackfresh says:

You should’ve put on one of those big tips that goes up vertical lol

Ali HH says:

What’s the size of the welded pipe ? ( inches )

Blackoutvader says:

Sounds badass!

icypuck17 says:

did you weld stock piping on? Or use adapters and use exhaust clamps?
Louder than aftermarket exhaust enough to get you pulled over? plz and
thank you

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