Kia Carens MPV 2013 review – CarBuyer

Kia Carens MPV 2013 review – CarBuyer

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senor250 says:

KIA really need to change the badge design. 

Harry Smith says:

nice arse ;-)

Piotr Wojtkowski says:

rebecca your are beautiful Woman ;)

Donal Hoban says:

damned with faint praise.

Philippe le Roux says:

She is a Very british woman !

Lukas Robert says:

Nice ass, Rebecca:)

JoeZif Evans says:

A lot better fuel consumption our outgoing carens does 28.9mpg round town
and 40mpg at a push on long journeys however legroom is outstanding in all

light487 says:

Really wish these car companies wouldn’t have different names for different
regions.. really makes it difficult to find all the reviews..

F Ahmad says:

When I want to learn about a car I love to watch Rebecca’s no-nonsense
reviews. Her reviews are car-buyer-friendly, not badge friendly. Cheers!

SabZero8 says:

Review a Mercedes-Benz It’s been 7 months!

Rytis36 says:

Rear looks very similar to subaru tribeca. And with those tiny alloys it
looks so massive

Ahmed Nabil says:

dat ass

RayzaBlayz says:

I think she stoped using the banana because everyone is so fucking

thedudemsk says:

So MANY desperates here. Seriously guys? Bleeeah. She’s not that cute,
c’mon…Haven’t you seen a really beautiful woman before?

Daedalus says:

Are you really that dumb ? Perhaps it is the result of eating genetically
modified Monsanto Food !

Siddhartha Nomula says:

actually its the correct position! even tho, few dumb countries think that
left hand side steering is comfortable! there’s a saying, “green eyed man
sees only green”

Iyas Azara says:

Seriously guys; who writes those reviews ?!!!! ….. Plenty of durable
plastic !!! So this is your way now to say cheap components ?!! ….

AdamAus85 says:

Guessing that jacket isn’t Loro Piana.

nepaliman says:

You look different today..

kingdomrun says:

She’s so cute

John Kim says:

Lets get into hyundai azera

Plasterer's Radio says:

Boo hoo!

Rayaan Shaikh says:

wow look at those hips

Tail finz says:

ugly car

James Dowling says:

Love her tight jeans!! chills!

Дарко Јанковић says:

All you are fanny, because I can drive cars no mether where the steering
wheel is 🙂

mikealanzo says:

I hate to see Rebecca reviewing boring cars, how ’bout some Aston Martin’s,
AMG models, Lambo’s, Ferraris etc etc….!?!

burso83 says:

We’re getting between 10-15 degrees nowadays. No summer yet

Leo Phan says:

When Toyota said that their enemy is not Volkswagen or even Mercedes, I
barely understand.. it must be Kia and Hyundai.

Ali Max says:

FISH ….. really ? i think i should give it a try !

Raven Revere says:

Ugly car, ugly plastic interior.

Renu Agarwal says:

talking about 2014 s class

TheThird Ababon says:

Wow. fast review huh. [+]

skul1974 says:

I think it essential that any review mentions the competition, especially
when a potential better option is available. It just so happens that Ford
tends to be the benchmark for driving ability in most classes and VW for
perceived quality! These reviews manage to cram an awful lot of information
into 4 or 5 minutes of video.

oooining says:

Damn you! Weather changes all the time, even the rainiest place on earth
has it’s sunny day.

Mamoun Mohamed says:


LawGamerHD says:

Honestly don’t care about most of the car reviews except for the supercars
but still watching cause I like to watch reviews on new cars… Geek here xD

khalid desoqi says:

they did, and if you talking about 2014 S-Class it’s didn’t release yet.

Omar Samy says:

How cute 😀 😀

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