Kia Carens 2014 review | TELEGRAPH CARS

Kia Carens 2014 review | TELEGRAPH CARS

The Kia Carens is one of the cheapest seven-seaters on sale, but does it feel like a budget choice? Chris Knapman finds out. Find us on Facebook: Visit the…



Telegraph Cars says:

The baby buggy we use is a Britax B-Agile 3.

Telegraph Cars says:

The seven-seater Kia Carens is the subject of our latest video review. 

Monika D says:

what baby buggy was that ?

WebWolf89 says:

Jeeez, all those buttons on the steering… Like a joypad.

Andrei Piatra says:

No, no, get Rebecca.

Greg Zulauf says:

I can’t stop staring at the wheel opening dent on the front passenger side,
where the front fascia meets the metal quarter panel… 

antonio lima says:

why is Karl Pilkington doing a review ? Oh yeah its a Kia !

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