Just Arrived: 2015 Kia Soul EV on Everyman Driver

Just Arrived: 2015 Kia Soul EV on Everyman Driver

http://www.everymandriver.com/ – Just Arrived: 2015 @Kia Soul EV @EverymanDriver @IMDaveErickson @greenlivingguy @GreenDivaMeg @TheGreenDivas GoPro Camera Fund – Donate $25 here: …



drink15 says:

Off Topic, but will you make a 2015 Forester with the X-Mode off-road
Or maybe a XV off-road review?

Everyman Driver Car Reviews says:

Just Arrived Video: 2015 @Kia Soul EV @EverymanDriver @IMDaveErickson
@greenlivingguy @GreenDivaMeg @TheGreenDivas

LeeJeremy says:

Cool video and great review. Thanks

Noor Singh Virk says:


jazzygirl24100 says:

Beautiful colour ~ pretty cool electric car! And Dave ~ your voice keeps
getting lower in some parts of the video (hard to hear you). Maybe its just
my ears? :-)

James Gordon says:

Awesome car. Hard to get.
Still waiting for delivery. It has been 3 months and 9 days so far.

Oumar DiAlLo says:

Nice review as always. But your range display seems quite conservative. On
my soul ev, at full charge it displays anywhere from 99-113 miles
available, and I’ve gotten more than 100 on the highway. Anyway, great
review and I always want to see more.

EKFiPod says:

its painful to see these sneak peaks, having to wait many weeks for you to
upload the review! the anticipation is killing me. 

Skyler Hernandez says:

Can’t wait for the full review!! (:

jpim75 says:

Nice vid Dave. Off topic, cool watch. What brand is it?

1guyin10 says:

That passenger room is one of the reasons the Soul has sold so well.
Combine that with the price of the gasoline model and you have a fairly
attractive proposition. The electric seems like a decent effort, but like
most EVs it is mainly in the lineup because California won’t let them sell
there without it. 


2015 Kia Soul EV #Kia #kiasoul 

Dan Man says:

Looks cheap like other KIA

tareemomar says:

you are good so far …until you act as a horse racer.

Robert Utess says:

Dave I look forward to the full review

TheJackEbrown says:

There are better colors. The plus is just a Soul package like Exclaim is
the top of the line. Plus is just one up from the base model. I hope it has
more range than 85 miles. The Optima Hybrid would be a better choice I
think. I have an Optima turbo and love the unbridled power, heated and
cooled seats. Its super sexy in Caliente Red and the 550 Watt Infinity
stereo is the best I’ve heard even after test driving some Mercedes
products with Harmon Kardon systems. I’ll be deaf soon but thats ok. I
can’t even get to 25 on the 35 number scale of volume. 

Underlordtico says:

I really like these just arrived first impressions videos. Been looking at
the Soul EV for a couple months but it is not available here in Florida

Astravall says:

Not quite the design i would like (especially the inside) … but what
should i say about design? I bought an BMW i3 ;).

hnnotyy says:

I test drove a SOUL yesterday I really liked it, hoping the dealer gets the
one with the options I want soon..

Jermon Robinson says:


Well look who i stumbled upon! Is this you Dave?

b4804514 says:

Dave I could be wrong but all you have to do to open the door is touch the
door handle the button is to lock the car without the key Check it out

Vinicio Telesca Cassani says:

esse caro é muito interessante , e realmente a kia vem se superando, boa
apresentação do carro…..maybe a test drive ?????

Ivan Vojt says:

No active battery cooling / heating. Still stuck in the 80’ish mileage

Kim Jeansonne says:

Dave do a review on the 2015 GMC Acadia SLE 2 model please.

Chad Helfenbein says:

Are you going to take it to the off road park? please say yes

Thearrith Dong says:

Just arrived vids are funny as hell Dave 

Chad Helfenbein says:

EV’s also get $7,500 Tax credit

CMCNestT says:

The DC fast charging port in the Kia is 50 kWh CHAdeMO compatible, not 120
kWh Supercharger compatible. 

Minecraft girl says:

Can you do AVANZA TOYOTA 2015 or 2014 I had the car AVANZA but I do not the
buttons and drive to the world!!!!

Minecraft girl says:

I meant I do not know all the buttons

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