Just Arrived: 2015 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport 2.0 Turbo on Everyman Driver

Just Arrived: 2015 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport 2.0 Turbo on Everyman Driver

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dave dunn says:

Do you only review hyundais? Seems like it 

Everyman Driver Car Reviews says:

Just Arrived: 2015 @Hyundai Santa Fe Sport 2.0 Turbo @EverymanDriver
@IMDaveErickson @TimexSports @TeamTimex @IronmanTri

MrGovenator1 says:

If it had a black interior it would look much better in my opinion. Also
pretty skeptical of Hyundais material quality based off the one I have had
for the past year. At least the leather in mine is pretty crap, feels like
plastic and it damages really easy. 

Heather Barley says:

2015 or2016? anyway, I like 2016 NEW KIA SORENTO better! have question
for you.
which engine of sorento do you recommend?


2.0 is small for a huge suv like this

jcaquias says:

still waiting on the same Bat channel for this snow review! 2015-HSFE –
Snow review.
biting my nails! LOL! SOOO!!

senorgato70 says:

– Dave, do you have a microphone hooked to you or is all the sound just
coming from your camera mic?
– Do you ever have the opportunity to do multiple-car comparisons vs.
single-car reviews? 

123gwf says:

You have to slide the front seats forward in order to put the back seats
down? That’s no good.

Thanks, Obama. 

Wes Edmonds says:

I plan to buy this model next weekend. Have you noticed any steering issues
over 45mph I’ve read exist in the previous year models?

weldee says:

I have an 11 Sorento EX and it looks very similar inside but older tech.
When I fold the rear seats forward, half way down the rear seat headrest
folds over at 90 deg to the backrest of the rear seat and tucks in nicely
between the front and rear seats to make a very flat cargo area.. When you
put the rear seats back up you can flip the headrest back up or leave it
folded, which allows better rear visibility if you are not carrying
passengers in the back.

Court Mojo says:

I have the 2014 version of this, LOVE IT!!! traded my Escalade and havent
looked back since

Dacey Clarke says:

Wow… did he just say Hunday? Least pronounce it right, that’s really

Christopher Deguzman says:

Take it to your favorite “pond” I want to see it go thru where no other 4×4
can go

TimeWithinTime says:

Does the ultimate package come with the all-season tires or do we have to
get those extra?

booksyn says:

Awesome vehicle, I test drove a turbo-charged model recently. Definitely
thinking about this as my next car 

bikephil says:

Nice tablet on your wrist at 1:50!

RIBG says:

المقطع جميل والجو رائع جدا.

تقديم رائع.


Andy N says:

lol, you seem to be very excited.

King Jack says:

Dave you’re awesome 

Skyler91 says:

“We also have heating steering wheel, which is cool” … should be heating
instead of cooling? XD
(oh, lol, a joke…)

jungle jingle says:

that’s what I like about Hyundai they give you so much for the money. Nice
review. Oh and that self stick….Nice. 

jcaquias says:

when will you be airing off road 2015 Hyundai sport 2.0t AWD on snow? 

scartos scarto says:

Nice car !!! Hyundai`s are very nice and good cars !

mana1111 says:

For me I really don’t mind the “amateur” shooting for these first look
videos. Makes it feel like you are really talking to a friend =)

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