Jim Kenzie on the 2009 Hyundai Accent




accent 2009 is so ugly!

jpusar says:

Just few years back, that same accent had a terribly underpowered engine,
no radio or AC option, 2 airbags, impossibly small seats, unmoveable
steering wheel, and no cruise control. And forget ABS. You’d be lucky if
the brakes stopped past 2 traffic lights. Also, you would be killed if you
got into an accident in one of these. Now: the car has a 3-5 star crash
test rating, 6 airbags, ABS STANDARD (who does this?!?), Radio with CD and
AUX STAND, Roomy front and do-able back, tilt, and cruise.

smokefreak2006 says:

It will most likely be a small KIA though.

supercooled says:

@Jim4575 In my opinion that defeats the purpose of getting an affordable
car like this. Everyone knows the dealership nickel and dime you when it
comes to extras and options. I configured the base model and the monthly
payments are only $150! That’s almost the price of a Metropass. I imagine
gas shouldn’t be more than $50 a month since I’ve driven an 04 Echo and gas
it pretty good.

EliteSlayer542 says:

Nice car, 6 of friends on this SAME model. I personally drive an 09′
Hyundai Sonata I got for $26000. I’m hoping my next car will be the
beautiful Hyundai Genesis sedan. Is it weird that I’m 19 and my friends
make fun of me for liking and driving “old man cars”???

malecompanions says:

no-it’s cool


Mini is alot more expensive. Have you ever drove a mini? its pretty bland,
well the automatic i drove was like a go cart but without the feeling of
the acceleration. Maybe I should try it in manual. Accent makes a way
better commuter car and has more interior comfort due to size. Mini has
ackaward controls for everything, like the window control near the radio.

CiaraLaS says:

I got this car and I freaking love it. It’s excellent on gas which is
essential in this economy. And its not an ugly car at all. Yea its small,
but I’m a small person lol.

Cory McDonald says:

They come with ac, pw win, and pw locks if you get the sport

Ivan Šamík says:

Hahaha, they had to look in the manual to learn how to open the manual
windows 😀 I just ordered a sedan version in Slovakia, EU for 6000€ (1500€
governmet subsidy for scraping old car, 500€ extra from importer, so usual
price 8000€ with 19%VAT) with 1,4l 97hp engine, 2x airbags, ABS, electric
locking mechanism, electric windows and mirrors with heating, computer
(just basics like petrol consumption). No radio, I will buy one at
electronics shop for 50€ 🙂

ladyyuna2000 says:

nothing wrong with that EliteSlayer542 it a nices car and i drive one as

matrixloader says:

I got a 2010 Accent as a rental and i was very impressed with the little
car, it got over 30+ mpg on the highway and there was almost no road noise.
it had no power windows but it had a very nice xm sat radio that sounded
very very nice. overall i liked the nightime blue lighting in the interior
and it handled very well with decent power for a car this small. i looked
into the new gen accent coming out and it will have 120 hp and get 40mpg.
if your looking for a great gas saver then this is it.

Jim4575 says:

My brother got the 2007 Accent Sr. $25,000!!! Started at $19,000. Sounds
like a lot however you do get a skirt package, Chrome exhaust tip, 16 inch
Rims, Driving lights. Air, Pw,Pdl, Nasty stero with sub woofer, 4 wheel
disc brakes!! with abs. Moon roof , keyless entry , a performance air
filter.You could also order a lowering kit, suspension kit and stainless
steel exhaust. This car is very good on gas and not bad for noise , built
well too!!! I was amazed it was like a civic si .

Gunslinger145 says:

Just bought a metallic blue 2009 accent as well. With a 5-spd manual it
actually picks up and goes.

chasepm9 says:

totally disagree with the noisy on the highway comment, at least in
america, the 2009 gs hatchback is almost as quiet as my dad’s lexus gs300.
however, the engine noise in the car is pretty loud if you step on it.

Hako2004 says:

Complaints about road noise puzzle me. I have the SE version of this car,
an ’09. It is fairly quiet at 70 mph, a lil noisy at 75, and only really
noisy at 80 and higher. I’ve researched the actual decibels in the cabin,
and it’s NO louder at 70 mph than a Mazda 3 or Hyundai Elantra or several
other cars no one complains much about. If you like to hear the motor and
the exhaust note in your car, you won’t notice any “noise”. There is a
difference between “sound” and “noise” .

Ferrariman601 says:

My mother has an ’09 Accent and I used to have an ’02 Accent. The ’02 was a
downright dreadful car; it didn’t go, didn’t stop, didn’t turn, and God
save you if you had a crash. The ’09 is much better, but, knowing how my
’02 didn’t age gracefully, I’m still skeptical as to how it will be getting
on in a few years.

KosaiAvonej says:

You get what you pay for when you buy this car, you get a simple but
reliable little car. Thats really all you need in this day and age.

smokefreak2006 says:

The Accent is not as loud nor revs as high as a Nissan Versa. The Accent
revs at 3000 RPM at 80 MPH the Versa Revs at 4000 RPM at 80 MPH. Im talking
about the 122 HP 1.8 Versa S Model. Talk about scary, I thought i was going
to blow the Versa Motor up. The Accent is quiet for its class, all
B-Segment cars luxury and non luxury models are supposed to be loud at
80MPH +, and if you cant take that then you dont need to drive B-Segment
car. The Mini is a B-segment, its loud at those speeds

chasepm9 says:

hahaha i always do that with my gs!!! i love the car though, its really
great for the money.

dhrk2k7 says:

a flood damage my hyundai accent. but it run again my problem is the power
steering doesn’t work at all after the engine start up.

Erik Diaz says:

Do you happen to know the price for the base model of the Next Generation
Accent? for U.S. consumers.


No, not a big deal. Just thought it was funny coming from a Canadian
motoring tele show. How about that Fit you have there? Nice looking
machine. Google J’s Racing for some nice aero updates.

yichentohjoel says:

I never been in a car with power windows before

palebeachbum says:

Accent with the manual trans revs a lot higher. I test drove one and it
revved about 3500rpm at 70mph. I felt the way with it that you did with the
Versa. Rather unnerving. I’ve heard the automatic revs quite a bit lower.

palebeachbum says:

The Accent has always been a pretty decent car. Yes it’s small and noisy.
Especially the older ones. But comfort is not bad at all and they’re quite
roomy for being so small. It’s meant to be a cheap runabout, preferably for
cities but with highway capabilities. A lot of people NEED a car like this
but are too stupid and instead buy some gas sucking SUV or truck because
it’s “cool”. The Accent is for people who want a cheap to run car with
their priorities riding in the front seat.

raul calderon says:

@EliteSlayer542 i know right, i also like the hyundai azera and genesis
sedan, right now i’m driving a 09 hyundai accent just because i couldn’t
afford to buy those cars. but i prefer driving a big heavy luxiurius car
than a noisy sport unconfortable car. well that is just my opinion.


did he just say no air conditioner?

palebeachbum says:

Caveman tech? LOL A lot of people, including myself, don’t like high-tech.
It never lasts as long or is as reliable as low tech. Some of the best cars
in history have been very low tech. Beside, driving a manual is more fun!

smokefreak2006 says:

Exactly, palebeach. The Auto Trans revs lower. Then again Id never get a
car with a manual trans. That’s Caveman tech. lol

hotrodimus2 says:

sure power windows and doors they forget the adding price on them

smokefreak2006 says:

The Accent’s main competitor in the Future will be the MINI. The MINI is a
small Luxury car and so will the Accent be one too. The Accent will be a
little cheaper, and the other edge to this car will be the Accent’s
superior reliablity history. The Accent is the most reliable car in its
class. The MINI is the least reliable car in its class, and the Accent is
and in the future will continue to be a bigger car than the MINI.

Mondafied says:

Genesis Sedan is not an old man’s car….The Hyundai Azera is an old man’s

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