Jeep vs Toyota vs Hummer. OffRoad 4×4

Jeep vs Toyota vs Hummer. OffRoad 4×4

1986 Jeep CJ7, 1996 Toyota Land Cruiser FZJ80, 2008 Hummer H3 climbing a hill. Jeep has 3.5″ Skyjacker suspension lift, 33″ Super Swampers the rest is stock….



terryyouth says:

the dogs sensed the risk and preferred to walk and still reach top over the
rock first!!

abovelawl says:

I also don’t get jeeps, the vast majority of them come with open difs yet
they claim to be trail rated great 4×4 vehicles, just recently they finally
have some models that come with lockers or at least an lsd,

butlerproman says:

Screw the trucks. I want a head-to-head comparison between the three dogs.

abovelawl says:

that toyota is awesome 

Terrazas fernando Fernando says:

jeeps and hummers suck dick anytime. TOYOTA RULES .

erod017 says:

So basically if I were too add a 4″ lift and big ass tires to the H3 it
would make the rice bowl and that dinosaur jeep look like 2 pieces of shit

charles powers says:

You should check out Power Wagons! They started making them again in 05.
They come with bigger axles. Swaybar disconnect . For 32″ of wheel travel.
456 gears. 12lb warn winch. Lockers front and rear. Rock sliders. Skid
plates cover every thing under the truck. And rock rails down the sides. HD
shocks. 33″ tires, but 35s fit with out any mods! I have one and love it!
It’s a beast that can go anywhere I point it! Just check them out. It’s a
true off road truck that can still be used as a real truck. Unlike a raptor
sand toy!

Kufre Udobong says:

boring video. I watched 10:09 secs cuz i slept off after the 1st minute

TheSamplebridge says:

you forgot to mention you also have 3 dogs with 4 foot drive

bonky wonky says:

Hummers are soccer mom cars. 

Zachary says:

its hard to judge modified 4×4’s but i know the jeep and toyota are bad
arse out the box!

Jeffrey Konzen says:

This isn’t even a competition. You are talking about 2 highly modified
vehicles going up against a stock Hummer with stock AT rubber. It’s a

securityr1 says:

what is this 1980.. trying using relevant new vehicles

lratinksafire says:

Need to use a TJ or a JK Jeep. Comparing a nearly 30 year old Jeep CJ to a
2008 Hummer and Even a 1996 land cruiser is crazy. 

thewonderfrog says:

Obviously the lockers make a huge difference. Toyota for the win.

sod you says:

listening to this guy is better than sleeping tablets

turshin says:

Wow the most modified rig won. Should have bought the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Levy Petit says:

7:54 please dude just pull the handbrake!. open diff and limited slip,,
??? just trying to make a fool of yourself!

goblin072 says:

I have to say these guys seem to be girly men at the wheel. Not impressed
watching a car go 2 mph over tiny rocks. Any car can do that. All these
extras on the cars for looks like floor rails etc. They off road

Dany Meza says:

H3, better by far. I have that same one with a lif kit, bilstein off road
shocks and 33 Mud Terrains and I can climb that same path withouth the 4×4
on. Just that last step I’ll need the front tires to give me some traction
Did anyone found the famous “SAND” he is talking about ? I see nothing but
this kind of “hard clay” I don’t know how you call it in English… 

Mark Burston says:

Hi you need a land rover old school at would kick all 3 assis big time the
only one I’d think ov going to play with is the jeep we just get fed up
with towing jap crap out ov mud all day and watting for hummers that get
there fat body’s out ov woods and sinking in deep mud Landy all the way 

Jonathan Sawyer says:

I have a 04 jeep wrangler sport. It does whatever I’ve asked it to tow
boats offroading and just toodling around. Only a 3 inch lift for
clearance. Its like comparing a willy jeep to an 1970 f150. Its not logical

Stephanie S says:

oh my I started out wanting to watch these vehicles and got more joy from
the cute white doggie!

Star1Wars1geek says:

com’on if it aint a H1 its not worth being called a hummer.

Maxwell PG says:

buddy in the jeep shoulda at least aired down, woulda helped

Chandler Padovich says:

Gay put in an h1 hummer that’s a real hummer

alicia force says:

I have had my Hummer since Fall of 2005 and can’t find anything that
compares. Hummer all the way baby. As to Bonky Wonky, you must not have
every own or driven a Hummer, you must have Hummer envy

krstone0 says:

Why are they driving so slow? Get on it son!

Dufus Rufus says:

How many dogs were in the cars such that these 3 had to walk?

leopold klop says:

Who is this stuttering asshole ? And your revue sucked

francisdebelo says:

So 3 different vehicles, 3 different types of tires, 3 different drivers,
some modified and some aren’t…..3 different outcomes, imagine that

sickofya says:

i can get help getting sleep listening you :P

Quoton250 says:

Love that Jeep!!!

alejandro jackson says:

placas de wyoming

I R Gamer says:

Whoa you can go 2 mph over some rocks?!?!? Wow!!! THAT’S INSANEEEEEE!!! You
can almost go up some rocks better than my two long legs!!! WHOAAAA

And wow you can slowly roll downwards a hill? Wow I am so jealous!!! OMG!!

NOT! I’m not some dumbass fat fuck that can’t walk over the same hill that
these fucks need a whole $20,000 vehicle to do. Very slowly I may add.
Getting stuck often I may add. 

Rowdinator57 says:

what kind of bumper on the FJ80? i have one and i need a bumper

davao0506 says:

search the Toyota prado climbing rocky steep,this is nothing,and there one
too climbing vertical rockclimb…

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