Jeep vs Nissan vs Toyota @ Ultratune Ourimbah

Jeep vs Nissan vs Toyota @ Ultratune Ourimbah

30/03/2014 Ultratune Track Ourimbah – Jeep Wrangler Sport JK – Nissan Patrol GU – Toyota Land Cruiser 80-series This was a tricky track where what seemed a difficult line proved to be the…



Aussie Four Wheelers (Hemi4WD) says:

LOL Asim

Turkkiq Ali says:

Seems no one has diff. Lock!
Anyway Patrol was the best

barbourj22 says:

So, these guys bought vehicles without lockers then took them for some
muddy hill climbs? Excellent decision making..

Brett Rowley says:

+Aussie Four Wheelers (Hemi4WD) Do you happen to know the GPS co-ordinates?
Because Ourimbah is just down the road from me.

Mike Morrison says:

If the Jeep had lockers it would’ve been a non event. Nice Wrangler though

AndyLC1144 says:

Whatever the model or the brand. Only Front and rear lockers and High
clearance will make it a real offroad truck. Whatever you got independent
or solid axle suspension. So buy What you like and make it real.

Due North says:

Great video and some nice tricky obstacles. Rear lockers are invaluable for
climbing wet mud covered rock. I’m definitely subscribing for more action. 

SpazDillinger says:

The new 2014 grand cherokee can do this

gotstahavesoul says:

another great video!
might be the camera angle but it looked like the jeep could have rolled
with a little less luck..

dee kay says:

Good work boys. Cant wait till im back with the crew. 

MrBuckaroonie says:

Tough track. I hope they were tree branches cracking and not CV’s!!!

Steve Pettit says:

I’m a new subby I found this video channel really entertaining great skill
great driving.
Cheers lads :)

DifRential says:

Nice upload! Great cars!

TonStar2012 says:

Very nice guys

Guillermo Ramon says:

Great video.

Asim Chaudhry says:

Tanks hard at work

Nicholas Klapsogiannis says:

That was a deceiving climb couldn’t believe how hard it was

michael9678727 says:

Did you mod the doors Nick? Do you put the original doors back on when
driving on the streets? 

michael9678727 says:

Nick does the Jeep have lockers? 

This Way Up 4x4 - Club President says:

Tough Jeep! Loves the trails doesn’t it. Hard to beat that flex with the

Alibek Kuzembayev says:

very good trip!!!!

doovle lux says:

wow old mate in the 80 series needs to go back to 4wding school. why would
you even try that without putting you rear locker in??
patrol for the win…. who need lockers when u have a patrol

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