Jeep vs Nissan vs Toyota @ The Rock Garden Ourimbah

Jeep vs Nissan vs Toyota @ The Rock Garden Ourimbah

30/03/2014 The Rock Garden @ Ourimbah – Jeep Wrangler Sport JK – Nissan Patrol GU – Toyota Land Cruiser 80-series In this video, the Toyota took out the No 1…



Mourad Khemiri says:

Wow . why is that nissan has big diffs compared to the rest ?

jordan00191 says:

that cruiser won hands down. plus it was a bit unfair seeing the jeep was
locked front and rear

jimmy gonzalez says:

fucking idiot the driver of the patrol… true dumbs

Jack Rusty says:

+Aussie Four Wheelers (Hemi4WD) which ones are manual and which are auto?
cheers man

فيصل الحربي says:

un faire comparing the jeep tow drs and Nissan or Toyota are 4drs there a
different the long of car make the difrance here 

gullf1sk says:

man i love the 80 series

michael9678727 says:

The patrol did really well without lockers 

Aussie Four Wheelers (Hemi4WD) says:

Hello subscribers! Here’s another video from Ourimbah, a challenge in The
Rock Garden. Enjoy watching!

Peace from Downunder!!!

Ben Roth says:

nice job!!! my kids and i take the lux there every weekend as its only 5
mins from our place.see ya on the track!!!!

lot487 says:

I’m so sick of this x vs y crap, the jeep walks through it simply because
this one in particular clearly has lockers front and rear (no wheel spin)
while the Nissan behind clearly has open diffs at both ends (lot’s of wheel
spin on one end while the other just sits there). It’s a matter of
optional/post-dealer equipment and $$$ spent, not one being better than the
other. Lesson is, if you want to do this sort of thing buy lockers first.
Other crap if you have the dough.

eman tsrif enam stal says:

That cruiser was kinda impressive (what is on that thing? 3inch lift,
lockers…anything else? it ate that shit up)…the navi dudes were
terrible. too many directions confuse drivers, why is this so hard to
realise? And why the hell was that patrol running around with a tow-ball? I
can’t wait to get into this kinda terrain, looks like you guys had fun :)

OffroadFreak says:

How much is the land cruiser lifted? 4′? 

sain al husaini says:

Land Cruiser is the BEST !

This Way Up 4x4 - Club President says:

You need to drop the diff out of the patrol and shim up the LSD, makes them
a bit silly (fun) on the road in the wet, but will lock more effectively in
the bush.


The short wheelbase is an advantege for this 2 doors jeep, great car

myca4x4 says:

This is a very nice and technical 4×4 playground

dee kay says:

What a difference it makes to have lockers

Mike Lee says:

Patrol did really well for being basically stock and smaller slightly worn
tires with open diffs compare to the others. I wish we got em here in the
states, id have a Y60 with a TB48 swap or a 2 door Y61. Patrol is beast
they dominate.

Nicholas Klapsogiannis says:

Great video again mate! Franks car has awesome clearance! Can’t wait to do
this track again next time.

Eetmisheet says:

Jk was the smoothest. If he had 35’s, he would have made it over that big
rock. Nice vid.

康馨搬家公司康鑫機械起重工程 says:

Jeep vs Nissan vs Toyota

Domenico Di Bartolo says:

Another great video. I always look forward to your new videos. 

Fisal AL-FISAL says:

winer …,,

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