JDM Toyota Hilux Surf SSR-X 3.0 Diesel Review

JDM Toyota Hilux Surf SSR-X 3.0 Diesel Review

Here’s a video I made about my 1994 Toyota Hilux Surf SSR-X Widebody 3.0 KZN130. It’s the same as a 4Runner except it’s RHD (right hand drive) and it uses a …



Gene Floyd says:

I can’t wait to move to Bellingham so I can find me a cheap Diiesel Surf on
Vancouver Craigslist and swap everything over to my Tacoma….then sell the
gasoline-powered Surf back to a canadian

Zodstone says:

dude whats the deal with names, in the US there called 4runners, why do
they have to srcew around with the names like that.

spike spiegel says:

you canadians are some lucky feckers eh you got access to the good shit
from japan

Gabriel Millien says:


@Montero_Hater says:

I wish I want to put a third row seats and a aircon ceiling vent once I had
my final chance of getting this truck
This hilux surf is too cheap in philippines

Patrice Boivin says:
rocco chiodo says:

trying to get an ifs surf to flex that’s pretty funny..

senor250 says:

Official Land Rover recovery vehicle lol

Frandy Hdez says:

Great vehicle. In Cuba the government sells those diesel engines for
5000~7000 dollars so people put them in their old 50s cars

Josh Abernethy says:

that truck is flat out amazing. The only i would sell a truck that is if
someone were to trade a hilux pickup 4 door with the same sr5 package.
Pretty much what I’m trying to say is, that is one the rarest trucks in the

ta riggs says:

11k? Sounds a little too much , it’s A decent SUV though. I’ve got a 1998
toyota 4runner SR5 still runs like the day I pulled it off the lot. 

robin gates says:

nice upload Bud’s. do you buy your jdm’s directly or threw private
dealer/owner here in Alberta?

frr1990 says:

Thanks for the upload

camry6 says:

Did you sell it yet??

D King says:

Nice truck man, I’m building an LHD version & I have a 22RE 1st Gen (full
OME sus). IMO the OME suspensions, for being so “firm” and holding the
payload like they do still flex great. I’m in Oregon so we’ve got the same
kind of trails as western CA and I’ve hauled 3000lbs of rafting gear out to
Idaho and had to be in 4-Lo CRAWLING over a really messed up put in road
without any issue. I also lived in Australia fr a few years and all our
trucks were OME sus. I wouldn’t use anything else.

NightRush says:

I think about this all the time.. I still want to go on a road trip in it,
but I know if I sell it now I’ll be able to make the most profit, and I’d
like to get a standard vehicle for the summer. I still have it though 🙂

John Key says:

It’s in extremely good condition for its age, obviously not been off road

Alex Miller says:

i get it i have a 1995 4runner

mccrackenphillip says:

Thoese light diesels red line at 4,000 rpm

KWMcClintock says:

Makes me jealous looking at these vids! I realize how much I’d like to buy
one! They sure don’t seem to come up in Sask much tho.

daveduznotrull says:

real nice truck! my 2.4 has 306,000 km on it now

NightRush says:

I just put it for sale last night, asking $11,000, has slightly under

NightRush says:


NightRush says:

I did, got a deposit a few days ago. In a few days the surf will be gone.
So the question remains, what next?


where did you get a hilux

Ryan Thompson says:

Bro here in new zealand you can hardly find a 94 hilux surf with that low
km because they are like the most driven vehicle here haha. And those 80
series landcruisers all sound rattlely.

D King says:

Realizing you sold it, but an interesting FYI… taller tires would have
gotten you better mileage… We ran 35’s on my friends 1KZ’d 1st Gen and he
was getting 27-30mpg and only 20 with the 33’s. It’s all about the taller
gearing and like you said all the powers down low. The taller tires with
the 4.10 gears are PERFECT for the 1KZ and a 4K lb. 4Runner. What did you
replace the truck with??? Sounds like you’ve had some fun cars aye, we have
that in common.

NightRush says:

Yeah it’s gone QQ.

NightRush says:

Ah that would have been nice to know, the previous owner swapped the
original 4.10 gearing swapped for 4.56 or something. I had the original
gears but I never thought to get them put back in, they had LSD too! But
it’s long gone now, after selling I used the cash on a 84 AE86 and a 98
UCF20. I’ve been shopping around for a HDJ81 but finding it hard to find
them at a reasonable price…It would be nice to find one that doesn’t
rattle inside. Now all I own is LHD, but I’ll buy another JDM soon.

zak lowe says:

what type of exhaust is that on the surf?

The TwinG says:

лох пидр

NightRush says:

You know you’re right, I really liked the 80 series but it was really
rattly! Surf was definitely better in that regard.

Alex Miller says:

yeah i love it its built like a tank

JanineAllister10 says:

did you sell it?

Sean Roggeman says:

She’s a beauty. Nice vid. I wish I had documented my previous vehicles in
greater detail too.

Aram M says:

wow Looks just like my 4runner

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