Hyundai Veloster vs Subaru Impreza Mashup Drag Race

Hyundai Veloster vs Subaru Impreza Mashup Drag Race ) The 2012 Hyundai Veloster and the 2012 Subaru Impreza compete against each other on the showroom floor. But we at TFLcar bought it …



nickL7389 says:

Will you guys be reviewing the Veloster Turbo R-Spec when its available!?

master33842 says:

This race was fixed the speed of the cars weren’t even doing 60

Mill Hyundai says:

Watch this #Hyundai #Veloster leave a Subaru Impreza in its dust! #race 

Mahmoud Hussein says:

It is very weird how it’s actually obvious they want to destroy the
reputation of Subaru, and not only in this video. CVT’s aren’t that bad
actually; I have a 2013 Subaru Impreza with a CVT and it’s actually really
good. It’s there the second you take your feet off and on again, plus you
don’t waste time in shifting. That and it also has amazing fuel economy. It
is very obvious that this video is fabricated, cars weren’t going 60 MPH in
the first place.

Alejandro Cruz says:

the veloster looks awesome
can’t wait for the turbo

David Malinovsky says:

The extra economy has worked great. Sales have almost tripled.

Bulgdoom says:

AWD in a 140hp is useless, money would be way better spend on a turbo

ObeseChess says:

Well, again, Subaru has flat-out said that an Impreza Coupe ain’t
happening. As for the video… well, I own a Veloster now and had an
Impreza. So this video does have a bit of a special place for me.

mlps93 says:

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Gregory Perkins says:


bichoorojo says:

My father bought a Impreza diesel 1 month ago and it s faster than Impreza
with gasoline engine. It s also manual…

Sick_Blue says:

the baddest video youtube lol

venom5809 says:

You closed off a road for this?

Persian Pride says:

impreza vs. veloster, on a drag race? WTF.

JaySee5 says:

Why not just get the MANUAL Impreza?

The Fast Lane Car says:

Just a suggestion. You may want to look up the meaning of the world
“Mashup” Perhaps that will shed some light on these comparisons. Honestly,
we compare cars the way people race at stoplights. It’s that simple.

Vladymyr Martsinkovskyi says:

Isn’t Subaru wrx and wrx sti going to be on a whole new platform, unlike
the previous generations based on the Impreza?

Gregory Perkins says:


CaptainSlow07 says:

0:18 lololololololol

rorschach775 says:

They’ll probably update it eventually. I don’t know for sure but that would
be my guess. You may know better though.

maddog392 says:

Correction, the impreza will NOT be getting a turbo because the WRX is no
longer an impreza and will not share the same platform going forward.

Leo Khedr says:

I never disliked any video of you guys, and i rarely like any videos. Good

a38racing says:

Lol @ awd powerloss

Däne Fjordlùnd says:

Your comparisons never make sense…

Daniel Shin says:

First! I always wanted to try that……. never going to do it again.

HateAsshole1 says:

Do not be like NeutralGenericUser!!!!!!!!!!

Richard Joash Tan says:

you should race a veloster with a twin clutch against an impreza with a CVT

Carlos Valle says:

I LIKE THE VELOSTER ! There said it , and i am not taking it back

mlps93 says:

What do you mean? I think fans of every car maker no matter what country,
can agree that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. The new 2013 Ford
Escape is a good example, Ford fans are relatively divided on the new
design. Some like the new curvier- feminine design while the others say its
a disgrace to the Escape as it was a manly looking boxier design before. As
a personal example, I don’t really like the look of the BMW X6, but I know
others do.

Donbeiren says:

I thought Subaru has separated the WRX from the impreza, so they won’t put
a turbo in the impreza..

Parrots and Potatoes says:

According to Car & Driver it is.

C.W.B. Hill says:

Motor Trend comparison test drives of manual and CVT Imprezas: 0-60 MPH …
Manual=8.0 sec CVT=9.4 sec QUARTER MILE … Manual=16.2 sec @ 84.0 mph
CVT=17.2 sec @ 81.9 mph

sylmrgalindo says:

What is this, a joke? hahahahahahaha I smoked a Veloster not too long ago I
couln’t see it in my rear mirror when I shifted to third gear .Sorry but
this is bullshit

Autopium says:

Maybe they’ll ditch the performance Impreza all together and make the BRZ
their only performance option.

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