Hyundai Veloster Turbo 2013 Review

Hyundai Veloster Turbo 2013 Review take a look at the 2013 Hyundai Veloster SR Turbo. The Veloster SR Turbo is designed, much like its more laid-back twin Veloster non-turbo, to look like nothing else on the road….



hisaharu274 says:

Maid in Korea disguised performance rain leak LOLwwwwww

Funkslave says:

I’ve tried her; very nice handling! The car I mean…

Anthony Hedge says:

Blimey…look at the beak on her

ChrisDIY says:

The only things keeping this from being my next car are the open
differential (opposed to its competitions’ limited slip differentials) and
torsion suspension. Otherwise, I think it’s a great car and daily driver,
and it’s feature list beats all competitors.

Phil 7000 says:

GDI stop right there, WHY do manufacturers persist in building GDI they are
just trouble waiting to happen, unless there’s something going on no one
told me about.
BRZ is better

simon2133 says:

Veloster advertisement. yawn.

Mr. Uncle Stalin says:

idk mang cars here are pretty much double the prices from states, you could
probs pay 15 to 20 thousand in states for a car that sgonna cost 30 to 35
thousand in aus

LoboLouie2 says:

I can confirm the 26k price tag for the turbo edition here in the USA. The
basic veloster also approaches this price point if you have both tech and
nav packages. The veloster easily has the most bang for the buck in terms
of tech gadgets from back up cameras to the ability to play xbox 360 on
that 7inch monitor. I havent demoed the turbo, but the base model is more
than agile and adequet for city driving. Passing on the freeway is another
story however.

madadzy86 says:

In Australia we pronounce it hee-yon-day, not hun-day.

Paul Lucas says:

Shes hot

RD0403 says:

Actually she pronounces it closer to it’s Korean pronunciation, the “like
sunday” thing was to help americans lol….

Elrojotiburon says:

And the video was uploaded in October of 2012. Not exactly “summer time”..

andrewkimpton says:

Why the hell would an Australian video be in pounds? It’s in AUD

IWantMyCigarettes says:

and Korea.

fuckthat85 says:

Gdi fucking Aussies

Roman Val says:

It’s winter in Australia right now.

dave dunn says:

Heeeeeee unday lol

Turbo4Life1217 says:

You’re so cute! Hit me up if ur ever in the US.

johnherrera305 says:

HE-HUN-DAY…love how you pronounce that! 😉

rehlek says:

holy jeez 32000, is that in pounds? i bought mine for only 25000$ canadian

ProdigyX19 says:

This is the first video that someone actually opened the sunroof…

Vlad_CORE says:

Хороший автомобиль и двигатель!! Вот разбогатею и сразу же куплю)

Augusto Gava says:

do u think its overpriced over there? i paid mine about $35k, the normal

matrixloader says:

its starts at 22k and its actually 26k fully loaded, at least thats the
price here in the usa. i think she got the price wrong.

Kanchoba says:

Nope. In Korean, it’s prounced, Hyon-dé

Mfury001 says:

She is sexier than the veloster. Mmm

MrPCPerformance says:

I went to a hyundai dealer here in melbourne and they quoted me $36k fully
decked out.. For that price they are dreaming…I hope they made a mistake
and its only 26K

Shaun Karim says:

Hyundai like Sunday….

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