Hyundai Veloster Review | Interior Impressions

Hyundai Veloster Review | Interior Impressions

A bit long winded however a solid overview of the Veloster interior and Exterior.



Tim Lalli says:

How you end up with a Veloster? Thought you had an FRS? Also I’m only
watching this cause you posted it lol don’t give a shit about the Veloster 

Goku King Jr. says:

shoulda got a FRS

Christian S says:

Throw out the cover.

cesarrolo says:

hey how do you have the european headlights? did it come stock or did you
add them yourself?

WorldOfIvillis says:

So I was just wondering with the push button start.. Why did they put it in
the center? I always thought that someone like a child might press it
accidentally and turn the car off in during driving.. What would you say?

savagegeese says:

Metal parts are often coated for texture (laptops and electronics) without
worry about heat and cold. The cargo shelf can be removed.

davidst489 says:

If the motor is the same as the Accent wouldn’t the Accent be faster since
it is lighter? I think they should have used the Elantra motor. They are
all rated at 40 mpg.

SpookyApparition says:

how does the USB/music voice control work by the way? I think it has that
feature… maybe I dreamed that?

Tenerio says:

Thank you

Mike Ferrante says:

Finally a legit expert detailed review. Phenomenal job with parts 1 & 2.

rampantmjolnir says:

Loved the part at 3:50.

Slvr05STI says:

@savagegeese What is the bulb size for the KDM headlights? I cant find a
good answer anywhere some say H7 some H11B so what is it.

fguadamuz33172 says:

great video cant wait for part 3

Bailey Louque says:

are the peddles positioned well in other words can you heel toe

SpookyApparition says:

opeth, neuraxis and rihanna…. nice!

Drei Gyuu says:

@photodyl Yes. it fits perfectly on the cargo floor

photodyl says:

can you remove the cargo cover completely?

Andy shabadoo says:

Love your review.

ColourNapkin says:

Wow this review did it for me. I’m going to end up buying this car. What
great value.

mmanda515 says:

“today I happen to wanna complain about this shit..” ha ha.. 🙂 Great
review- I love your honesty & straight-forwardness. I’ve seen a few reviews
so far & this is the best yet- (wondering how much difference the upcoming
Turbo model is going to make) Thanks for sharing your very thorough,
“real”.. & well spoken opinions about the Hyundai Veloster.

Jamie Mountain says:

Any note on the rear cupholders in that is there a risk that someone
sliding over may scratch it with a back pocket prestod or something?

Ceasar Clark says:

Best review ever

ConceptVBS says:

Metal rotating knobs = burned hands in the summer or cold hands in the

savagegeese says:

I added the korean lights, the oem units were really bad.

Samuel Park says:

i think your reviews are great and you are pretty humorous. thanks for the
reviews. i watched them all lol

etatauri says:

Thanks for the reviews. Really appreciate all the details other shorter,
more mainstream reviews don’t cover. Will look forward for more.

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