Hyundai Veloster Review – Everyday Driver

Hyundai Veloster Review – Everyday Driver

The guys see if the quirky Veloster is a worthwhile addition to the crowded world of entry-level cars. How does this three door oddity stack up against the C…



Michael Toovey says:

Wtf is a Hon day
It’s Hi-yon-die

seth stanich says:

technically its Hyandai

DivineTrader says:

Review the Lexus IS-F please.

Shaun Lei-Lopez says:

great review guys , any of the brz/frs or golf r coming soon?? keep up the
great work!!

dbjunk says:

nice to see a new review…wonder if they’ll do an FR-S/BRZ review.

Enig matic says:

Still without test driving the car this video tells us what the cars limits

Mathieu El Sokhn says:

come on only 3 wheels!! This car comes standard with a 7-inch screen, hands
free bluetooth phone connectivity, pandora streaming, ipod connectivity and
many more standard features for a very low price. You guys didn’t mention
any of those things. Oh AND it gets 38 mpg hwy and 30 city on regular gas…

Ryan Frizell says:

ur crazy

fluffykittynoodles says:

yes, but power can iron out a lot of problems, or make them more liveable.
im willing to bet that they would like the turbo version of this better.
and concerns over power is an american concept, we like to go somewhere
when we put our foot down.

miloootic says:

the guy with the long hair kept complaining about speed…what did you
expect with a 1.6 engine? and when was the last time anyone has seen a 1.6
engine reach 138 hp?,i think that’s amazing since most 1.6 reach 110-115
hp…i loved the review anyway very informative thx.

stanczyk11111 says:

I like their Reviews … ! especially their design opinions about cars are
very interesting (and mostly true ..). but Not this time, though 🙂 ..
Veloster looks exactly like it’s “H” – LOGO …no harmony , no proportion,
no symetry … this car looks better than old Coupe , for sure but
stilll… this styling it;s trying too hard to be “shmancy-fancy” and
“hipster-ish”… The name Veloster itself is OK , but should be used in a
“faster car” – “sounds faster” than this car , for sure : )

jupitersj says:

Hyundai is pronounced as Hyun-dae even in Korean.

BMoreSkater00 says:

Todd never fails to make me laugh, especially with his similes.

wildbloodydragon says:

Good for you. Am I expected to change my opinion about Top Gear UK now? I
don’t think so. Not just because your opinion wouldn’t be capable of doing
so, but because I actually agree with that. Top Gear UK is entertaining,
yes. At this point, it’s a comedy show about cars. Of course we enjoy it,
hell, I even enjoyed watching Disney’s Cars movie. But unfortunately people
tend to think they are a reliable source for facts. If you have a good
general knowledge of cars, you’d find it annoying too.

Dillon Hurd says:

If you guys get a chance you should try to review the 2013 Nissan Altima.

jgadiaz says:

this review is full of contradictions

msbunglexx says:

No offense, but you must be young or have the luxury of riding a bus to
work if you think a car is meant for the things you describe.

max19731978 says:

i just found on they have a “normally aspirated turbocharged”
version. uh?

Noel Aito says:


rewhigg11 says:

Review the Turbo!!!!! please

Bones12x2 says:

Just because its an everyday car doesnt mean that utility and economy are
the only things that matter. Some people simply care way more about how fun
the car is. My dailydriver is also my autocross car. For me, just driving
around town is fun, and it wouldnt be if I didnt care about performance. I
have an Speed3 with no back seat or sound proofing, performance
springs/struts, race level sway bars (on stiffest setting), and a full
strut brace/cage…I drive every day in Houston traffic with it.

TheCanadianShield says:

Ugly interior.

Anthony Gunasekera says:

WOW this show is a million times better than the US Top Gear ( which is soo
incredibly shit compared to UK)

Legopocolypse says:

I really don’t like the way it looks, but I’m glad Hyundai is making this
rather than the bland econoboxes of yore.

Sam Hingorani says:

hey guys is it possible to do the Hyundai Elantra 2012 or 2013 any model
type just curious on what you think. I personally own the 2012 limited
model… i just would like to see what you guys think

KingFreak07 says:

Grow up? How about you hop off. You made a good point, but started it off
like a dick. So I’m saying it’s my opinion and last I checked I’m entitled
to it.

Bones12x2 says:

Ive heard bad things about the turbo one. Sounds like they didnt really do
anything to help the standard car handle the extra power. Ive been told it
has horrible wheel hop and torque steer, yet not as rewarding as any of the
other sporty cars in the market. Maybe the second gen will be better.

SteelersXLchampions says:

Im stuck between the Turbo and the Base version of this car, I love
everything about it currently I still have my first car which is a 2002
Carolla which im extremely bored of at this point. What do you recommend?
Should I save the money and go for the Base or save longer and get the
Turbo? Thanks.

Tim Chan says:

I’m 18, personally I like the idea of an affordable, small, spunky car that
is fun but still practical enough to carry passengers and some cargo. I
don’t actually own one of these, but it is recommendable, yes!

rforracing says:

2013 Genesis will smoke the Scion FR-S any time any place.

XxHeavyChevyxX says:

Does the Veloster comes with the Nav?

Bzapp725 says:

U have a point there. I think they used to be better back in seasons 6-14
where they just had fun, instead of now where they try to be funny and make
dirty jokes.

Airjordan7317 says:

I love Todd’s metaphors

RD0403 says:

I really enjoyed the review guys, keep it up!

EluraUser says:

I prefer this show to Top Gear U.S. Just the right mix of information and
sneer. Now add a dash of sarcasm.

George Fleming says:

Hahaha @ 3:10 good old Angeles Crest Highway I see!

wildbloodydragon says:

I know you never set out to compete with them. And please don’t. I honestly
prefer these honest, detailed and relatable reviews to their automotive
comedy show. Don’t get me wrong you guys aren’t MotorWeek or InsideLine.
This is actually fun to watch. But there’s plenty of useful information
too. Kinda like Top Gear, back in the day. Oh and uh, if you guys are
looking to review 4th gen V8 Camaros at any point, let me know. I live
close. lol.

Ryoku75 says:

For the aggressive looks I’d expect a better engine, otherwise I could get
a more humble styled Hyundai with a small engine.

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