Hyundai Veloster + Features

Hyundai Veloster + Features

Watch Hyundai Veloster Plus review. With sporty design, this Veloster Plus is the car that is going to set trends. The Veloster combines the style of a coupé…



Neox says:

I have always gone by a strict law. Companies should never review their own
product. To me this is simply a showcase. Reviews should be done by
external companies and people.

asib hamed says:

Uses more gas then he is talking crap 

Gordon King says:

Make them handle/steer better. Always the rudimentary suspension letting
Hyundai down. Eight speakers, 5 star ancap & a rear view camera doesn’t
hide the fact the ride is BAD.

slh950 says:

Clearly its a knock-off Alfa Romeo. Regulate your dog-meat industry rather
than allowing for back-yard operations, then I’ll think about Hyundai

Pete Mason says:

Hyundai Veloster Review… on ‘ChannelHyundai’. Well it’s not a review then
is it, “Media release”, “Shameless self promo” or “Blatant flippery” would
be more accurate. Be honest, this is merely an ad. A product REVIEW is
performed by a non-associated third party, this is like me turning up to an
employer proclaiming I have a doctorate which was bestowed on me by myself.

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