Hyundai Veloster + 2013 – Review

Hyundai Veloster + 2013 – Review take a look at the 2013 Hyundai Veloster + a reasonably priced efficient sports coupe. The Veloster is a unique vehicle that Hyundai seems to real…



khaldoun mohammed says:
JPLMONEY23 . says:

Ooops….it’s a right driver side….wrong video.

Brown Wall says:

I like this car just because of that 3rd door lol

vaajchang says:

Cute girl

cheremi esdaille says:

neat car

Jeffrey Goodwin says:

Where’s the spare wheel? Hate to be stuck without one!!!

Kenny L. Baxter says:


Mike Dancy says:

you can tell that it was a woman driving. at 1:12 you can see the front lip
scrape from hitting a parking barrier.

ForzaItaliaAzzurri7 says:

The 2013 Hyundai Veloster looks very classy. Definitely the best looking
and speediest sports hatch of 2013. Forza Hyundai Motors!

Eden Maru says:

Driver is on the passenger side…..

iLIKEpieMMM says:

you don’t need a spare you get 5 years roadside assistance. its really fun,
i really wish i could have gotten the turbo and + version but i’m poor and
had to get the cheap one. vitamin c all the way

Robert Travers says:

cute review. Really like the Veloster. Hyundai is doing great!

me44453 says:

Your voice killed 4 wales in the Mediterranean bays

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