Hyundai Tucson Review

Hyundai Tucson Review

The Hyundai Tucson breaks from the boxy, small SUV design. Fuel economy and handling are good, but there are some practical sacrifices for style. Learn more …



TheCottonTop says:

Why did they have to name it after one of the crappiest cities in America?
It just shows you how disconnected Hyundai is from their American buyers. I
would never buy a car from a company who is known for for their products
being plagued with electrical and mechanical problems and who has never had
an original idea in their history other than a 100,000 mile 10 year
warranty. Which you will use many times if you buy one. I don’t have enough
free time for the games Hyundai plays.

btester1 says:

I like the older style better!!

blurglide says:

I’m so tired of these ridiculous beltlines on most cars now days. They go
from high in front to almost making the windows disappear in the back. Then
thick C-pillars with a vestigial opera-esque window straight out of the
70’s are coming back. Pillars all around are super-thick. Even my 3-series
is extremely hard to back up- huge blindpspots. My 98 Accord and,
especially, my 95 Cherokee have absolutely fantastic visibility. You forget
what you’re missing until you drive cars like those.

Damag3R3port says:

Great review! Instead of 0-60 times and other numbers which people who buy
this kind of cars don’t really care about, she did a very thorough
practicality and ergonomics review.

fire1202 says:

No, a very effeminate or metrosexual man would also notice it. Their
attention to detail is impeccable. By that, you’d know your woman is messed
up if she’s a lousy, messy trout that isn’t keen on detail.

Theobieze says:

i hate when reviewers tell the problems with cars but dont tell you that
with optional packages those can be fixed like in the winter the seats are
rather cold, well then thats y they offer heated seats. or there is little
visibility in the rear, then get the back up camera

Taylor Braney says:

I heard the horn is weird on this car? Whats it sound like?

markredblue says:

@banstaman I LOL’D

Steve Miller says:

@OneOfaKind949 well that also was years ago, times have changed, and if i
am not mistaking, isnt the excel the lowest of low of a vehicle hyundai

rich young says:

oh my … my dirty pant leg… forget this car. .. better buy the Kia…
but oh no… the Kia has a similar design but good news… it will only
dirty your sock as you lift your leg wit the Kia Sportage your pant leg
rides up protecting it from dirt LOL… looks like Kia and Hyundai are on
the rise. some Kia lots look empty.

fvgotch says:

I bought the GLS AWD model including tax/lic/reg out the door for $25k.
This came with alloy wheels and some options.Try to find a sub $23k SUVs
and I gurantee only place you can get one is at a used lot.

SheanRocks08 says:

She’s a Very Good Reviewer,Seriously .

Theobieze says:

@naekerb so their priced the same and one has little bit better fuel
economy but the other has way better styling, hmmm its ur decision

heroheroic says:

Looks like a redesigned Nissan Rogue

thegraggs says:

Love how reviewers complain about outward visibility. Yet if you made it
look like a fish bowl, they would complain about the styling. Also, there
would be no place for airbags, creating more complaints. Be realistic in
your reviews. However I do think i’d appreciate the road noise if she were
a passenger. 🙂

gogmorgoaway says:

It’s an interesting direction, although it looks a bit as if they designed
a hatchback, then changed their mind and made it bigger by adding metal
between the wheels and the belt line.

banstaman says:

@mynameishanjoo Of course they would notice it, I mean they’re the ones who
do the cleaning.

weaky6 says:

You should watch the road when you drive!

RCasto says:

I liked her review

mikey0277 says:

Why everytime you write something it needs to reviewed

Mugre300 says:

how many liters per kilometer does it consumes?

wrecks1984 says:

@Imachowderhead yeah it does, i had a 4cyl 2.0 FWD 2009 tucson, after 3
years of lease, we owed 20000$ to check out and own the car. now the tucson
was only worth 13000$-14000$. squeaking shocks, whistling noise on highway.
And 17mpg…this car was under powered. finally got rid of it and got a
real truck that guzzles gas for a reason.

hms888 says:

@mynameishanjoo Yeah and only women will make car accidents at Walmart
parking lot. lol.

wayneargumedo says:

I actually like bumps and road noise gives for a good feeling of speed.
Sort of funner. Hate going 70 and feel like your going 50.

potatosuck says:


Billy Sou says:

@Mugre300 I’m not sure in the metric system. However, this Tuscon is 23
city / 31 MPG for FWD. 22/29 for AWD. I would say km per gallon around 60
kg/ 3.875L overall highway.

hyundaipride says:

shes sucha bitch complaining bout a 20 grand car.. wtf its a 20 GRAND CAR

keewees says:

this is a revolting looking suv

din29 says:


deporlover says:

I have it is is great greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat

Juantotish says:

which is better this new ix tucson or the old one??? i don’t like a lot
this new model

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