Hyundai Santa Fe 2013 – Review

Hyundai Santa Fe 2013 – Review

This video features the Diesel Santa Fe Elite model which has a 2.2 liter CRDi Diesel engine supplies 145 kw of power and 421 Nm of torque. Hyundai’s Santa Fe is set to compete with similar…



Terry Hanson says:

At last! Someone who really does know everything about cars!

Jackson5 says:

Good summary. Thanks for the video.

Peter I says:

I’d like to see how this performs off road to see its real capabilities.
Nice review though…

swingmanic says:

Since when did 7 sets of airbags make sure you arrive at your destination
safely?..I’d have thought that if they deployed, it meant that you didn’t
get to your destination safely!!..Equipped with 7 airbags, to help protect
you and your family in the event of you having an accident would sound

govand rasul says:

i have got the Santa Fe 2014 V6 3.3 290BHP. its amazing way way better than
this one.

sir silva says:

Que máquina!

Lil Lillie says:

Customers Sue Hyundai Over Leaks in Santa Fe SUV

Consumers have filed a class-action lawsuit against Hyundai Motor for leaks
in the New Santa Fe SUV. Led by a Santa Fe driver identified as Lee (33),
customers filed their suit at the Seoul Central District Court on Oct. 17
demanding that their vehicles be replaced with new ones.

The New Santa Fe was unveiled in April last year and now tops SUV sales in
Korea. This year alone, 60,000 were sold. But Hyundai has received a
growing number of complaints about rain water leaking through the roof or
the trunk since the monsoon started.

In August, Hyundai apologized and promised to fix the leaks for free and
extended the warranty for five years. But many of the customers who filed
the complaints felt the carmaker should recall their cars or provide some
sort of compensation. There were also concerns that repaired SUVs would
fetch lower prices on the used car market.

Lee, who led the class-action suit, said, “The vehicle has a structural
flaw so a partial repair is not enough.”

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and the Korea
Transportation Safety Authority are looking into the problem. 

Sultan Moria says:

thump up @

Domine Koritnik says:

Not recommendable. It does not have the comfort one wants nowadays, neither
in performing off-road. Please consider one Chevrolet TrailBlazer instead.

GamingTube.TV says:

Great video and im considering this 4wd atm

RequiemFrost says:

wooo was it me or did she loose her accent at the vary end lol listen to
the way she says “driving experience

GamingTube.TV says:

That is a bit out of my reach and im not after a performance one. I know
the chrysler range very well as I run a Stretch chrysler 300C ( older

Scotty29RVC says:

Designed for Korea which has a larger range of temperature (-20degC to
+40degC) with more humidity and salt exposure. It’ll last longer than a
Holden or Ford!

lostn65 says:

Well, non americans looking at american cars feel the same tbh.

Daniel Segledi says:

SRT* is over $50, 000 right?

MrFindhappiness1 says:

How much is the car plus this beautiful lady marketing for Hyundai! I want
to buy both !

lee kevinSJ says:

2012 best suv over 40k in australia! wow

Ted McScorcher says:

Trailblazer? Lmao. This is a much more attractive, modern and agile package
exuding class for the money. Get a nice set of A/T tires and it will go
nearly everywhere off the road. Nobody buys this kind of vehicle for
extreme allroading, get a grip.

CarEnthusias Ber says:

you are not human.

jrgti80 says:

As a GTI 6 driver, I have to admit that the interior is pretty good.
Looking to get an AWD suv next and I would consider this. says:

It was a great 4WD. But depending on your coin, we reviewed the Jeep Grand
Cherokee SRT8 this week. And it is very impressive 😉

tritty84 says:

Jeep s are garbage, Id rather this or a kia or Toyota.

all_of_the_interwebs says:

I’m American and the steering wheel being on the opposite side really trips
me up. 0_O

Jano Yangans says:

Hi, does it have those running led daylight on its fog lamps? Thanks

doodskie999 says:

how many speakers does this santa fe have?

Domine Koritnik says:

No, hyundai is not designed for US markets, neither Western markets. No way
– no buy.

Afonso Novakowsk says:


steve hampson-tindale says:

The advantage Hyundai has over Jeep is reliability, did you know that in
the 2012 JD Power vehicle dependability results of of 34 brands Hyundai
ranked 8th and Jeep was 32nd !

doodskie999 says:

man at 0:58…

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