Hyundai Santa Fe 2.2 CRDi review –

Hyundai Santa Fe 2.2 CRDi review –

What do you get when size meets practicality? For GC Mah, that’s a proper highway cruiser, which is what he’s reviewing this time. That’s the 2013 Hyundai Sa…



benzfen says:

Hahahah very nice, fresh humour and enough information – well done guys :)

DXBuenaBrian says:

I just bought this in replacement of my 2012 Kia Sportage. Great vehicle.
It has everything that I need. Plenty of features. Why compare to German
vehicles? By looking at the price tag alone, it’s miles apart! Hyundai have
their own market and so are German vehicles. If the person has the money to
spend on parts and services, then German vehicles are the way to go. For
$26,000 (2.4L DOHC Engine, 4WD, Panoramic Sunroof, 7-Seater), it’s not
something to cry for.

Rui Hao Ng says:

Very informative video as usual with some parts of humour being cleverly
inserted. Been following you guys since the first video and I really have
to say that your video reviews are lot better than many other local made
ones, which are either very Top Gear-centric or have overly pretentious
hosts, while some tend to glorify every single car they’re reviewing
(thanks to the sponsors) which hence delivers no useful information to us
people. Thumbs up to both GC Mah and the amazing filming team. Keep up the
good work! 

razer applilcious says:

Try not to overreact while reviewing car , i know it’s for entertainment
purposes but it’s kinda in the sense where children watching this. Many
cars will give way to this car? On the highway weather what car you
overtake they will give way , not by judging which car is it btw this car
doesn’t look expensive at all . Go for Germans car , they are the king in

Mohd Amirul Ramli says:

Just test drive. Great car. When you gonna upload new video..:)

Dominic Yee says:

i love your random babbling! 😀 good job GC!

teh teh says:

Energetic camera works, cohesive background music and fun host. What’s not
to like? I believe Autobuzz overtakes PT in video reviews.

Kanna Dasan says:

This SUV more comfort for 5 seaters than 7 seaters.Really cramped at back.

Jose Singson says:

I like your style in reviewing cars very funny and informative at the same
time. Greetings from the philippines! 

Ryan Rygart Han says:

Finally a new video. Points delivered & Entertaining as always. 

Alan Tang says:

Thank You for another awesome local video.I like your proper English with
local tone which makes it easier to understand for a Malaysian like me…Is
very funny also your video..Keep up the good job.Thumbs up…!!

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