Hyundai ix35 vs. VW Tiguan | drive it!

Hyundai ix35 vs. VW Tiguan | drive it!

With just under 35000 units sold between January and September of 2011, the VW Tiguan was the most popular SUV in Germany. The facelift performed in Wolfsbu…



Sam Littlewood says:

Getting a brand new ix35 in Kashmir colour on September 1st, so excited!

Nghĩa Nguyễn Thị says:

I like ix35

arstor1 says:

The expert says hyundai is the winner !! It’s a shame you vw buyers paid
all that extra money !! You were robbed !!

F Ahmad says:

this time Volkswagen has to admit defeat

7birchlane says:

VW all day everyday! Hyundai and Kia needs to stop trying to compete with
the Euros!!! I will never forget the Hyundai Excel…..JUNK! 

Leonardo Luiz says:

tiguan $70,000 in brazil hahaha
ix35 $55,000 

Keenst miich says:

VW is better !

Thomas White says:

Hyundai wins

JillTomson says:

The 3 year Consumer Reports rankings in the US, show the Hyundai is far
more reliable than VW which is almost next to last when it comes to
dependability. VW’s don’t age well, unfortunately.

Victor Manoel says:

Tiguan wins

dermeister000 says:

ix 35 forever

acw02 says:

The Hyundai ix35 is called the second generation Hyundai Tucson in the
United States.

dregg says:

Hyundai?? come on be freaking serious, of course Volkswagen is the winner.

七千转 says:

that’s funny coming from someone that has Kia Sportage in the homepage

wonderwin3000 says:

The Hyundai looks like a joke. It looks too small and frumpy. I would take
the VW Tiguan for the great quality and the handsome looks.

Crafter66 says:

You’re a disgrace


hyunda is better in all

Andyb2379 says:

VW are shit cars

berathan90 says:

Of course vw wins because he is German. If we put a Korean Tester he would
definitely choose Hyundai

moonc4lf says:

What car do you drive?

janson key says:

you are a holy shitty fucking racist. Whatever fucking your blood is I
would curse it to be exterminated in the world.

Shangchao Ma says:

Korean cars are just a pic of shit, once you crashed , you’re done

bowler157 says:

Vw all the way

Danilo Santos says:

Love Hyundai

jovian kim says:

I guess German want people to buy German car bad instead of Korean car.Haha

Adrenalin Mkill says:

ahhaa omg what are u talking about=)))) vw>>>hyindai. u are korean i suppose

Intrepid Voyager says:

i don’t want to pay my money on a cheap plastic interior, uncomfortable
seats,weak engines and torque,limited technology, and a Crossover who is
handicapped on snow and has a horrible awd system for off-road, also some
people care about safety and the VW always have some of the highest
ratings. When it comes to looks its purely subjective.

Roberto Dick says:

ohhh, well done Hyundai …

Mauricio Hernandez says:

As long as I’m happy with my Hyundai (less price, better quality), I don’t
give a fuck about what others say :). So if you’re gonna answer my comment
insulting Hyundai, let me tell you something: Do the evolution baby (8)

Gusto Doh says:

I hate noisy VW cars – Golf, Tiguan & etc..

TheClaudiosantos says:

Its not fair. TIGUAN is better, much better

Andrea Agosti says:

I may agree on the cheapest interior of the hyundai, after all it is a
cheaper car. As far as being handiccaped offroad, I think you should
understand that this car are meant for a slight offroad, and a Tiguan or a
Hyundai are exactly on the same level. Safety they both have 5 stars so you
have no clue of what you are talking about. Same for power, there are many
gasoline / diesel version with similar level of torque and bhp.

ashwindivakar01 says:

Should stop the marketing of such “korean” Vehicles 😉

TheNissanhyundai says:

hyundai looks better and its better

ashwindivakar01 says:

Hyundai is a disgrace in the automobile world.

Crafter66 says:

I men to replay to ashwindivakar01 because he said hyundai is a discrase

ionutzsteaua86 says:

STOP 0:12… make difference VOLKSWAGEN BETTER !!!!

Intrepid Voyager says:

Tucson cannot compare to Tiguan who is in the level of Audi Q3 Q5 BMW X1 X3
etc… its in the lux league. Tucson is against Kia Sportage,Nissan
Quachquai etc…

chief2487 says:

Love the logic behind “it’s a Hyundai, so it must be bad”, when all
objective reasoning points that it’s the better car. Face it, Hyundai > VW
today. Stop living in the past.

U2V4U says:

A HA, Now I’ve got what u want. U want to hate n disparage Korea
unconditionally, not coz of Hyundai. Coz Hyundai belongs to Korea. Very
Clever for Being Sly, U Japs as u used to do. Why do u so hate Korean some
unconditionally? Coz u don’t want to keep seeing Korean’s growing or being
better many ways than Japs? Even coz of the country where ur grandfathers
did so much sins to Korea? It’s like What if Americans devastate, cheat,
distort n make UK f**ked up where there father’s land? Wake up!!

七千转 says:

how is Hyundai a disgrace?

nickolastiguan says:

This is why vw don’t sell the Tiguan here in Canada, it is too popular in
Germany (can’t keep up with demand if sold in NA)

chief2487 says:

Also, what is with the cheap plastic nonsense? The Tiguan interior looks
way cheaper.

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