Hyundai ix35 SUV (2010-2013) review – CarBuyer

Hyundai ix35 SUV (2010-2013) review – CarBuyer

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visualmedia forus says:

Next to Rebecca, every car looks tall ;-)

dareczek63 says:

I’m not sure if I like Hyundai but I am 100% sure that I like to watch

Kyle Chung says:

cheap image always maybe forever

Theo Harrison says:

Well actually, it’s alright looking.

frankjutay says:

small boot size? why not get a pick up lol

KPonliner says:

Some ppl say its spacious, some say its not, whcih one ? ol

PaperWeight231 says:

it’s useful information for consumers, you dumb.

Mrdhinesh1 says:

Yes you are correct!

TheEva4ever says:

it is not review really, it is advertisement of this car.

1997seanmac says:

It is, isnt it?

ManuelFerara says:

Pa ne razumem…Pa shta se onda dogodilo…Ne razumem stvarno pa mi smo
slali nashu vojsku (JNA) da bi se ochuvala Jugoslavija,mi smo zeleli
zajednichki zivot sa svima…Ali Hrvati i muslimani jednostavno nisu zeleli
da zive sa nama…Ne ozbiljno objasni mi sta se tu dogodilo,meni je
situacija poprilichno jasna i jednostavna?I odakle si ti?

zenycabba says:

For every American car there is a better European car

ceeed09 says:

is glove box chilled with built-in aircon? I’ve found it ironic that Honda
Accord Euro has glove box and centre armrest chilled but not in “SUV”
CR-V… Does same thing applies to ix35? Thanks in advance 🙂

nacevmircea says:

in romania as standard we don’t have leather or heated seats

zenycabba says:

To any Americans with regards to ford in Europe: ford is designed and made
in GERMANY and our cars come slightly better equipped and with better build
quality because Americans don’t care how the inside of their car looks.

Anshuman Sengupta says:

oh by, i dont see any bananas here!!…lol..welldone

LS R says:

What about the huge blindspot caused by those chunky C pillars? That should
count as a negative point…

Anthony Boysen says:

Turn IX35 upside down… what do you see? 😉

techdude6693 says:

I sat in the back of one a few weeks ago, I’m 6’1″ and I was comfy. not too
bad at all

Laurence Kitson says:

She’s ok but she’s got no emotion and her words don’t roll out as well as
Mat’s :/

Bruno Foca says:

To all people complaining about Rebecca review I want to see a better
review on your channel or just STFU. Rebecca is great. Do some research
first, Rebecca is not just a good looking Girl, she really know how to
drive and race a car.

switchfish24 says:

Thanks for mentioning EuroNCAP crash test results. Good idea Rebecca. Great

Mrdhinesh1 says:

My dream caaaaaaaaaaar.

Silke de witte says:

my mom have that car and the space in the back is not that large.

Tyler Allen says:

you didn’t get the Top Gear reference, did you?

sam0220331 says:

it is a brilliant car

LS R says:

“the two outer seats have been fixed with ISOFIX”. Why the center one
doesn´t get it? I would assume that the center position would be the
optimal one for a small child who needs a child seat, isn´t it?

gandalfwiz20007 says:

that’s because ix35 it’s called in europe and brazil, in the US it’s called

Thefallenraptor says:

i was gonna ask that… the girl looks 5’7 tops and she pulled the front
seat way forward so i doubt it’s that spacious. what i really mind the in
front console and all the plastics.. just look industrial and uninteresting

angerkeeper says:

did she mentioned the ride and handling? i must’ve misssed that.

DoorisJ says:

I seriously dont understand why we dont have many diesel cars in the US.
They get such good mpg and are so practical

Jerubei says:

In this particular case, there is lots of space – I’m 187cm and can sit
behind the driver’s seat, after setting it up for me.

shawnriv9 says:

In the United States we still have the Tucson. Is this the same vehicle?

HamzaRocksXbox says:

Mat has some competetions outhere ! good review!

alaaino says:

thank u mam,,,the best revue clear and simple,,,

gsahrens says:

Hyundai is sure bringing some good quality cars to the market and what is
really pleasant is that they are not overpriced like the European big

nwhite06 says:

I got to drive one of these the other day and I HATED every single second
of it. To me the steering is dull and lifeless, the suspension is bouncy,
the wing mirrors are the size of dinner plates so cause a lot of high speed
wind noise, the engine is totally unrefined even by diesel standards, and
the rev band is stupidly narrow, so I was constantly changing gear. I’d
sooner sell a body part to get the extra money for a Mazda CX-5 than buy
one of these.

PcTechandGaming says:

Sad vidim odakle si… Stvarno vas tako uce u skoli ili nemozes priznat
sebi sta je bilo?

Doom Doogie says:

you UK people get more for for your money. Im jeleous.

BlackBetty1125CR says:

gotta dream big!

dralvarhanso says:

And it’s great for running over flash eating zombies.

Captain says:

ix35 upside down says “sex!”

Sam Mehta says:

It’s because they are more expensive.

Theo Harrison says:

And on the inside. Okay, a little plasticy but yeah…

Juidas says:

My Azera is Leather standard, also the Genesis.

Kacicka999 says:

For dumb fags – tuscon is older model..this is ix35…nothing else And its
much better looking that its clone Kia Sportage. For its price its best
possible buy if you need city SUV whitch is safe enouth for highways…

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