Hyundai IX35 road test review 2010

Hyundai IX35 road test review 2010 put the new Hyundai IX35 to the test in this exclusive online video review! *Video by Richard Spawforth website: www.richard-spawfort…



MrGusisawesome says:

“ix35” upside down spells “SEX”

Shaurya Gautam says:

remove the “.mov” from the title nice video

Irishgirl541994 says:

Does anyone know the name of the song on the real add for this car. Its
fullof contradictions like girls are weak and blues musicians are old. Its
a really nice piano piece

bajabusta says:

@parkjeunhyuk perhaps! I llove this channel regardless!!

parkjeunhyuk says:

@bajabusta but it’s alot more fun to say “took san”. haha

faisalhk says:

i got one last week, really enjoying that.

Jose Carreras says:

It’s obvious you don’t get any of it also…

mikeymarmalade says:

This is a very nice car but it was a mistake to remove the LED running
lights seen on the concept; particularly as this is now the fashion. Kia
have sensibly left them in in the new Sportage. The question is which do I
choose? Nice review.

bajabusta says:

The Tucson is pronounced ‘Two san” like the city in Arizona!

3faizee says:


techstyle123 says:

test drove this beast today ,was awsome to drive nice ride ,packs a punch
too,loads of space ,plus gizmos,everything you could want in a family
car….only thing missing was some l.e.d lights would have topped it
off…looks nice in white or black. 9/10 for this car

athleticscoach2012 says:

It”s pronounced Tuson with a silent c like the American city

kanishq ruhil says:

jeremy clarkson can kiss some korean bums now

sparemis says:

I geting one in september. Love this car.

techstyle123 says:

@mikeymarmalade trust me this is a better car 5 years warrenty i mean for
everything kia is just engine and gearbox. nrly 50 mpg for this too styling
is better inside is the best bit all the up to date gizmos nice space too .
plus 5 years free breakdown cover. in white it looks a beast i do agree
l.e.d lights would have set it complete …get this car if it was my
choice…hyund own kia too says:

.mov removed! cheers. Hope you like the video!

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