Hyundai ix35 review

Hyundai ix35 review

The Hyundai ix35 replaces the Tucson and does so in much better style and performance. As a crossover SUV is rivals the Ford Kuga and Toyota RAV4 but does it…




Love my ix35. Its my everything. Thanks Hyundai

Tom Anderson says:

Awesome car!!

Björn S says:

Practically five star? 🙂

EmVevea says:

What the hell are you talking about man? Rivals kuga and rav4 ? Those cars
cost twice than ix35! IX35 rivals are Mitsubishi ASX and Nissan QQ which
are in the same Crossover category

kimi wee says:

it kinda look exactly like tucson S:

Steven Bird says:

Thanks for the review! I love this car and it’s going to be my next one
methinks! 😉

jamiraquijorts12 says:

ix35 is Tucson duh?!

clinicalpsychologist says:

Just got it and I’m in love with the car! buy it! it is great! I’ve
installed EVERYTHING on it, it is awesome!

Motortorque says:

Glad you enjoyed it and that it’s helped. Let us know what you think when
you get it, we only have the cars for a short amount of time so it’d be
interesting to hear what you think longer term

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